Angry Gamers Accuse Gamespot of Bias Against Xbox One

When Gamespot made a video titled “Is It Time To Buy An Xbox One?”, comment sections across the internet exploded, accusing the outlet of subtlety ‘plugging’ the PlayStation 4 and showing bias against the Xbox One. Controversial points raised in the video include that it still isn’t cheap enough and the ‘Settings’ app is too hard to find, but the biggest issues were the 'bias' opinions present in what was supposed to be an objective question.

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SniperControl2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

For the last 2-3 months there has been nothing but pro xbox articles on N4G, "X1 winner this, X1 winner that".
However, there has also been a sharp rise in anti-PS4 articles which the fanboys and trolls lapped up with grateful glee.

This place used to be about games and friendly banter, now it's just a forum about who has the bigger digital d~#k.

Peeps should just love their machine of choice, be it PS4, X1, PC and WiiU and not belittle each other for our choices.

@Septic below

My mind is perfectly made up and i see clearly what is happening here on N4G, there has been a radical change from gaming news outlets in the recent months leaning toward xbox, every so often there are articles about why the X1 is better than the PS4 or the X1 has already won Christmas/Black Friday.
Just because Gamespot have there own opinion on a particular console does not make them wrong and is no reason for xbox fanboys to throw a massive strop.

radler2056d ago

Fanboys will always cry and whine about reviewers not giving their preferred platform high scores, which is ironic given that it shows reader bias more than anything else.

Take GameSpot for example. Bias against Xbox One? Say that to all the Sony and Nintendo fanboys who scream whenever exclusive games for their preferred platform don't get perfect scores and actually receive justified criticism.

Heck, even fanboys of particular franchises and publishers/developers are just as bad. Remember all the recent outrage at low review scores for games such as Destiny, Far Cry 4, DriveClub, Master Chief Collection, Little Big Planet 3 etc?

These reviewers do their best to give unbiased, informative and well-rounded opinions and reviews to help consumers make purchasing decisions, but they can never win when fanboys cry and obsess over whatever console/game they favor.

Gazondaily2056d ago

"For the last 2-3 months there has been nothing but pro xbox articles on N4G, "X1 winner this, X1 winner that". "

That's just a straight up lie. Just because there were a few positive Xbox articles does not mean that there 'has been nothing but pro xbox articles on N4G".

"Peeps should just love their machine of choice, be it PS4, X1, PC and WiiU and not belittle each other for our choices."

Yeah and maybe if you stop playing the victim card, there would be a greater chance of that happening? You contradict yourself. You say that everyone should behave in the way above but then you play the victim card and say stuff like this:

"However, there has also been a sharp rise in anti-PS4 articles which the fanboys and trolls lapped up with grateful glee."

Make your mind up mate.

SonofGod2056d ago

Pretending to be the victim. Wow.

TomShoe2056d ago



Hey Guys.

It's just their personal opinion.

ThanatosDMC2056d ago

Click the reddit link on the article and read the comments. It's almost as hilarious as Trufans comments. You can feel as if they've been wronged so unjustly. They hurt.

Automatic792056d ago

Well said sniper you also failed to mention the hot topic of sales as most on this website spew hate on each other because of sales talk. I rather speak on games.

DLConspiracy2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

No offense Sniper but where have you been all year? Its been a gang bang on Xbox since before the gen. Now suddenly a few articles come out praising Xbox and its overwhelming? I have been in these articles on N4g and they have always leaned PS4 the majority of the time. I like both but its pretty obvious this place has been a haven for PS fans.


I don't care either way just calling it how I have seen it. As I have mentioned many times before. I was never a part of last gens BS statements on here. Nor do I bring it up as an excuse every time I talk in this gens conversations. Just calling it how I see it now.

marlinfan102056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )


thats funny coming from you. you don't sound insecure at all saying stuff like this

"You sound exactly like those Machinima people who were paid by Microsoft for positive reviews."

SniperControl2056d ago


I respect your comment, but to be honest, it has been a gang bang on Sony on here ever since the early PS360 days, it's just that xbox has had a small lull.

As Septic put in above, are each of us are playing the "victim card"?

donthate2056d ago Show
DeadRabbits2056d ago Show
SniperControl2056d ago


So once again, anybody other than xbox guys cant express an opinion?

"As a large gaming news website, their job is provide objective information about purchases, not their personal preferences. That is essentially BIAS itself"

Go tell that to Polygon.....

DragonKnight2056d ago

Lol, these comments are hilarious.

Look how many flip flop comments there are. How many times do I have to say it. This site is not bias towards any side and your comments are proving me right.

How many times will we hear "back when the PS3/360 gen started, this site was so pro-Xbox" only to have it switch to "this site is so pro-Sony it's sick" and now full circle back to "the article have been ridiculous bias against Sony lately" before you all get it?

It's a constant back and forth, and it's all across the internet save and except sites with a specific focus that's meant to be bias. This is a reflection of trends based on who is doing what kind of work recently, and how many people are reporting said work. That's all it's ever been, that's all it will ever be.

Repjaws2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

@ radler,
Tell me how was ign's little big planet review fair?Assassins Creed Unity had a shit tin of game breaking issues and it got a 7,Halo MCC still has so many bugs/issues and it got a 9 then why did they give LBP a low score because of the bugs?Does that sound fair to you?

Hellsvacancy2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

You joined on the 10th May 2013 (562d ago )

What do you know about N4G? this place has always been a haven for fanboys

I should know, I used to type some pretty lousy comments in my early N4G days, then I stopped, it occurred to me that it really didn't matter what I typed because some other lame fanboy above me or below me would type the same thing, I didn't want to me apart of that

I had to up my game "grow up" in other words

VegasDawg2056d ago

"For the last 2-3 months there has been nothing but pro xbox articles on N4G'

That's a flat out lie.

garrettbobbyferguson2056d ago

This place was never about games and friendly banter. When I first joined the site near the beginning of last generation it was 360 users talking trash and killing anything regarding PS3; thus I joined to voice my dissenting opinion. That slowly changed and now it's nothing but PS4 fanboys circle jerking each other and down voting anything they dislike.

Bobby Kotex2056d ago

Ever since I signed up for this site in 2009, it's always been biased towards Playstation. And I'm saying this as a PS3 and PS4 owner. The Anti Xbox vibe is nothing new.

fr0sty2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

@double, first of all, thanks for talking about games and not who is butthurt and why.

To answer your question, I've been getting a lot of mileage out of war thunder (I know, only console exclusive, but it's really good.), driveclub (much better game than it was at launch), and TLOU. I have Killzone, but shooters aren't my favorite genre. Infamous was really cool but lacking in replay value. As for simpler games, Don't Starve is amazing (another console exclusive), and Spelunky seems cool (don't remember if it was exclusive). Then there's the re-releases like fl0wer.

Just waiting on a good RPG and I'll have a pretty well rounded library. Destiny scratches my FPS/RPG itch for now, GTA5 has my open world sandbox fix, and the games above are keeping me more than happy until we start to see the upcoming games launch.

Looking forward to Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, The Order looks ok, Gran Turismo 7, No Man's Sky, Last Guardian, and the first true next gen grand theft auto game.

I'm a picky gamer and end up ignoring a lot of games that get a lot of praise, but all in all I still have more games than I do time.

k3rn3ll2056d ago

As you say this the number 2 article is xbox early adopters getting shafted. Not to mention all the articles last week about vegetation being inadequate on Xbox gta v

BallsEye2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

you gotta be sh!tting me. Even before XBOX ONE was released n4g was having tons of negative articles about xbox one and not a single about ps4. Please don't lie that recently XO get only good articles around here. Every time something good pops out, wait 1 hour and you'll see a damage control article saying complete opposite. Just look what happened now. There was article about microsoft compensating early adopters with free Limbo, and just few hours later you get a 1080 degree article how microsoft is unfair towards early adopters.

uth112056d ago

I agree there is definately a different tone from six months ago. Back then Sony could do no wrong. Lately it seems they can do no right.

And same with XB1, 6 months ago it was all bad press for them. Lately it's glowing press.

NatureOfLogic_2056d ago

Xbox One is just not as good as PS4. The current price, price cuts and weaker hardware reflects that. There's no bias. More people prefer the PS4. This shouldn't come as a shock since PS4 is crushing Xbox One 2:1.

BattleAxe2056d ago

If Gamespot or some other site were to do this with the PS4, this site would be in utter chaos. Even if you're a Playstation fan, surely you can't condone Gamespot's so-called video review. It was probably one of the most unprofessional things I've ever seen from one of the biggest gaming websites.

nix2056d ago

days during PS3 launch was horror. i'm from those days.


awi59512056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )


I was here when the xbox fans were all debubbled by the hord of sony fans that came in and took over the site. The bubble system was total crap back then. And the sony fans abused it in a organized effort to debubble all the xbox guys off the site and the mods just let it happen.

This site and gamespot is the main reason i gave up on consoles completely. The Pc community has far less aholes to deal with.

donthate2056d ago Show
gangsta_red2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

@ Sniper

"However, there has also been a sharp rise in anti-PS4 articles which the fanboys and trolls lapped up with grateful glee."

Wow, some fanboys won't be happy unless there is ONLY good news for Sony and year round bad news for all other consoles.

That is ridiculous to say that there has been an increase in anti-PS4 articles. The fact that the fanboys have been throwing a year round Burning Man rave on this site since the X1 reveal and dancing on the ceiling declaring the WiiU is doomed it's first year is more than proof that you are completely wrong.

And now that both systems (especially the X1) are finally getting a little bit of good press, now there's nothing but pre Xbox articles?

"This place used to be about games and friendly banter, now it's just a forum about who has the bigger digital d~#k."

YEA! WHEN WAS THIS SNIPER!? LMAO! Now I know you're just kidding because this place has always been plagued by that sort of talk, whether it increased or not needs to be researched.

And lets not fool ourselves or anyone else here you and your comments are just as big of the problem here on N4G. I've seen you troll just as many Xbox articles as you claim you see Xbox fans troll Sony. So please don't be so shocked about the current state of this site.

No_Limit2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

"For the last 2-3 months there has been nothing but pro xbox articles on N4G, "X1 winner this, X1 winner that".
However, there has also been a sharp rise in anti-PS4 articles which the fanboys and trolls lapped up with grateful glee."

I don't know which system is getting more positive or negative articles, but I do know the "opinion pieces" that are negative against MS are always in the front page news while the positive ones for PS4 are mostly chart sales from vgchartz. LOL, the first two highest articles on N4G now is this article and another opinion piece titled "early XB1 adaptors got shafted". don't to need to look far as those articles are driven by mostly PS supporters trolling those articles...snipe, I think I saw you in there giving your two cents of why the xb1 is bad a few times.. ;)

Oh well..At the end of the day..real gamers know the truth and the truth is the Xb1 is a great value with great lineup of games to play and a killer entertainment system. Who cares whay Gameapot say even if it is bias against MS.

Loktai2056d ago


I know your comment wasnt about me but it struck a nerve because of how ignorant and elitist it sounds to say that you must be such an insider because someone else didnt sign up. Also watching a site for over a year and a half seems like enough to say they know at least something about the site... its not like they joined this past may.

"You joined on the 10th May 2013 (562d ago )

What do you know about N4G? this place has always been a haven for fanboys"

Dude you do know alot of people VIEW And VISIT the site without posting or signing up... you dont need an account to do that and I was a regular on the site for a loonng time before I signed up. Thats like saying you cant know what reddit is until you've had an account for a certain amount of time.

-Foxtrot2056d ago Show
Condemnedman2056d ago

It amazing you coming out with that trash where were you when the xbox one was getting trashed every day. Please don't come here with this site becoming a xbox fanboys site this place is predominantly a Sony site never a normal news site never in all the years I've been coming here.

Death2056d ago

"Xbox One is just not as good as PS4. The current price, price cuts and weaker hardware reflects that. There's no bias. More people prefer the PS4. This shouldn't come as a shock since PS4 is crushing Xbox One 2:1."

This is the kind of ignorance that makes everyone look bad. The Xbox One and PS4 are both at $399 MSRP now with the Kinectless bundle. You can still pick one up with Kinect for $499 which is $100 more than a PS4. Microsoft lowered the MSRP by $50 for the Holidays with what they are calling a temporary price cut. This means consoles are $349 or $449 which is $50 less or $50 more than a PS4 depending on region. We have seen some pretty good PS4 bundles too.

As for the rest of the statement, for the first 12 months we have seen the PS4 clearly outselling the Xbox One. We have no idea what the actual margin is since Microsoft has kept their numbers close to the chest. The last three weeks Microsoft is claiming to be selling more than the PS4 which is pretty significant given we are at the start of the Holiday buying season. To say the PS4 is crushing the Xbox One by 2:1 is not just ignorant, it is a complete lie. If Microsoft's internal numbers are even close, we see both consoles selling very well today which is a much better indication of current trends than yesterday.

antz11042055d ago

I really don't know where most posters above me have been for the past few years, but since I joined this site has been pro PlayStation all the way. It is what it is and I don't care about "how this site was pro Xbox years ago " but it's annoying, and this site suffers from it.

If you think I'm wrong that's fine. Ill just point to the very first comment in the article: trollish, up voted to "well said", and a 130-38 like/dislike ratio.

zodiac9092055d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself dude.

TheFanboySlayer2055d ago

I think the only one that really gets it here is DragonKnight.....

It's just funny how people are calling other people Out for being new to N4G

It's funny how people think this is a pro-Sony website

In truth it is not. It sways back and forth......Why?

Both Companies go through lulz of good moments and bad moments.......people will talk more when something happens. Some people get more disappointed or are much happier than others the people who constantly voice that large opinion and have stuck with on side are the fanboys but in general this site is mostly just back and forth with very opinionated people.

Like when the ps3 could argue that Xbox fans were all over it calling it expensive and hard to develop for. Most comments probably led to that....then as more comparisons came put people saw that the Cell was actually good so around the Uncharted 2 era you could argue ps3 fans were happy..then PSN went down and ps3 fans were disappointed. Then it's back and then you could say ps3 and Xbox were finishing up and then ps4 and Xbox one came out ps4 fans were happy. Xbox fans largely dissapointed...Xbox one changes a bit now Xbox fans are happier. Ps4 had the DriveClub debacle and you could argue ps4 fans were dissapointed...and now we are at this point. And yes Xbox fans are happier that their games have been getting good reviews. Forza Horizon and Sunset Overdrive.

Basically the way the news is going is the way the community will respond so I don't get why people are labeling it as always being a pro Xbox site or a pro Playstation site.

Gaming1012055d ago

lol whenever I hear about a big website and people whining about it being biased, all I hear is WAHHH WAHHH WAHHHHHHHH ~ Artie Lange

If you're complaining, you're a little bitch who ignores all the pro X-boner articles, and all your attention is attracted to the tiniest negative thing about your stupid console. You need psychological help if you're like this. Get a life you losers.

dantesparda2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Gamespot did the same thing with the PS4 and Wii U, yet their fanboys, didn't burst out raging the way the MS fanboys have. How telling, how very, very telling.

FriedGoat2055d ago

What possible motive do gamespot have? All I see is people who play the two consoles for a living and give their honest opinion....
If someone who owns just an Xbox is angry about that, well then, it proves their bias.

rainslacker2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

I wouldn't worry about it that much. Same exact thing happened last gen after the PS3 launched. Within a year, it was all about how the 360 was king, winning, etc etc, and Sony was going to fail big time. Back then the reasons were easier to justify, but make little sense this gen, with MS having strong exclusives and plentiful updates being it's best selling points before the more recent price drop.

Just to point out the idiocy of it all, last gen, when Sony dropped their price after a year, it was used as a reason why Sony was scared and failing by the media. Now the press at large doesn't even say anything about it except to say what an incredible deal the prices/bundles are(which is true).

+ Show (41) more repliesLast reply 2055d ago
Gazondaily2056d ago

Well it was a very poor video which has been construed as bias. I won't say whether or not I think it was purposely biased but I will say that it was just off the mark quite tremendously.

radler2056d ago

I think the problem is that GameSpot is actively trying to give fair and honest reviews of things as of late, and people simply can't handle it. Would you really disagree with their criticisms of anything lately? Not just the Xbox One here, but also games in general?

I'm actually getting a lot of respect for GameSpot recently because they're no longer dishing out high scores for undeserving games, which I think is commendable. They're calling games/publishers/developers/co mpanies out for failing to deliver and as much as it stings for the fanboys, I'm glad they're doing it because at the end of the day the rest of us gamers might actually benefit from sites like GameSpot calling them out and sending a clear message that, "No, this isn't okay".

Fanboys will always find something to cry about.

Gazondaily2056d ago

"I think the problem is that GameSpot is actively trying to give fair and honest reviews of things as of late, and people simply can't handle it"

It seems that you cannot handle any criticism against Gamespot. I just said that it was just a poor video construed as bias because it was off the mark. But obviously, you equated this to :

"Fanboys will always find something to cry about."

Indeed, they always will. Even if they don't realise they are the ones shedding the tears.

radler2056d ago

How do you equate what I wrote in my comment to not being able to handle any criticism of GameSpot? That doesn't make any sense. I can only assume something I wrote struck a nerve for some reason and you've felt the need to become defensive?

I just think that greater criticism of games/publishers/developers across the board is a good thing, be it from GameSpot or any other site. I honestly cannot fathom at all why anyone would be opposed to that.

Double Toasted2056d ago

I read the xb1 review first then the PS4's and the latter's seemed like it was terrible but they say you should buy it, lol.


No...I think gamespot is trying to get more people talking about them and using this new way of grading things or "fair honest reviews" for PR and publicity.

How can you call this video a fair honest review of the console when 90 percent of their gripes were about the UI, no real mention of games, exclusives, controller, bundles, pricing, online service, etc....they spcifically pointed out as many negatives as they could.

I do you seriously believe that there is nothing good about the console?? LOL. I have leaned more towards the xb1 so far because of the games that it offers but I still like the wii u and ps4. I am still able to recognized what those consoles do well.

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Bigpappy2056d ago

I never pay attention to these claims of bias, because just about everyone has one. These guys are supposed to be objective, but most of the time their egos get the best of them, and they believe their opinions are more needed by their readers than the facts.

So when I read I spot these things and just move pass the opinions because I also have an ego and prefer to form my own opinions.

Why o why2056d ago

'I never pay attention to these claims of bias, because just about everyone has one'

Oi, thats like twice in a week of so I 100 percent agree with ya. All sites have bias as they are run by people not machines and people, by nature, have preferences and biases. There are pro sony sites, pro nintendo sites and pro ms sites. Fact is a lot the western media sided and were sympathetic towards the xbox once they entered the market as it was the western medias home team so to speak. I'm not going as far as to say theres total bias agaisnt or for x or y but to say theres been none at all is the dumbest most inbred notion Ive witnessed.

The gaming media has already been exposed... from duffle bags to trips to japan. Paid reviews to using reviewers that review games in genres they don't like when there were more suitable reviewers available. ..too much

GamerzElite2056d ago

These are just an opinion by console owners. If I bought something and don't like it, then I have right to express my frustration. Grow up kids.

otherZinc2056d ago

Great article!

Isn't Gamespot the same site that fired Jeff Gerstman (apologies if I misspelled his name) of Giantbomb for his low score of God Of War?

This article is so true. And many sites say these same stupid unintelligent reasons for not owning an XBOX ONE, how stupid are these reviewers?

Holiday 1 PS4 offers:
Knack - a real POS.
Killzone SF: The always overrated series with *No Campaign Co-op; Very stupid AI, Shoot an enemy in the face & they fall forward?, LMAO Gamespot!

Holiday season 2 PS4 offers:
Drive Club-50 cars, no American cars, no Japanese cars, no weather, no online, no offline features, lol in line AI, Linear as ever...and friggin so on...

LBP3 - This POS speaks for itself.

I'm looking forward to people waking up & realizing these reviewers are garbage& play for themselves.

I'd be pissed if I picked the PS4 over an XBOX ONE.

DragonKnight2056d ago

"Isn't Gamespot the same site that fired Jeff Gerstman (apologies if I misspelled his name) of Giantbomb for his low score of Kane and Lynch?"


EvoNeonLover192056d ago

You just went full retard.

Reviews are stupid in my opinion. Just because a reviewer doesn't like a game doesn't mean millions of people won't like the game. Then the reviewer gives the game a bad score and all of a sudden people agree with it without even trying the game.

DonFreezer2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Do you want to lose your bubbles?Talking like that on N4G is a no go. I haven't seen the video but if she complained about the settngs tab that's as low as you can get. I thought I have heard everything but hearing ps fangirls crying about the anti-ps4 N4G posts make me cringle. N4G has been a ps haven from the day it went online. I have been in here from 2006 and all I have heard all those years are crying ps fanboys who lack common sense and pray to their god(sony) like a cult.

Why o why2056d ago

Do you want to lose your bubbles for talking out of your rear end..... at least get it right when you're trying to troll.

The93Sting2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )


"I have been here from 2006.."

*looks at the date he joined*

Joined 17 Dec 2012

hmm... are you laggin'? or are you pretending to be smart?

dragon822056d ago

LBP3 is a fantastic game. Just because you don't like it doesn't me it is a "POS" as you called it.

pyramidshead2056d ago

You seem upset and scared. Must be embarrassing to be this type of Xbox gamer. Going to be a very long console generation for you.

Loktai2056d ago

At least you'd have had games before titanfall if you'd bought a PS4... .

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lelo2play2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

This gen a lot of gaming journalists have been quite bias against X1, no denning that. A lot of gaming sites seem to favour Sony (console and games) this gen, excessively over-hyping everything that Sony does. Can't blame them if it brings in the clicks...

As for the X1, even I have criticised Microsoft a few times. X1 is not a bad console, but it could have been so much better if Microsoft weren't stingy on the hardware. Let's hope Microsoft learned their lesson for the next gen of consoles.

TheFanboySlayer2055d ago

I say many sites have criticized Sony games.

Most sites criticized Microsoft actions.

LackTrue4K2056d ago

I'm basis towards GsmeStop, so then I must be basis towards XboxOne? Lol, na....don't need to be to be basises towards XBoxOne haha

Antifan2056d ago

Yep. Didn't see any xbone gamers complain about their rushed MCC and broken multiplayer lol

lawgone2056d ago

Reallly? I've seen plenty. Also, why does that make you LOL that a game isn't working correctly for someone?

remixx1162055d ago

It made alot of jackasses LOL when drive club was broken.........

2056d ago Replies(1)
DiRtY2056d ago

'“When you plug in the Kinect, and you can say ‘Xbox, go to Settings’, that’s great, I love doing that; but why can’t I do that and navigate it myself using a controller? It just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Gamers have been quick to point out that Settings can be found simply by pressing the Start button anywhere on the Dashboard, or by navigating to the Apps section in Games and Apps. This was Lucy’s only recorded complaint.'

That made me lol. That is Gaming journalism for you!

mmcglasson2056d ago

Do they forget that GameSpot was extremely Pro Xbox for multiple years? They are just trying to seem less biased and regain some of their old PlayStation fans back.

Loktai2056d ago

This is exactly why it bothers them. It would be like if Fox news started being unbiased all the Freetards would be up in arms wouldnt they? If they want to see a circlejerk and they get even one article biased the other way or dead center they start hooting like monkeys.

ITPython2055d ago

@Loktai - It's amazing how brainwashed you libtards are when it comes to Fox News. I bet you have never even watched it for a minuet and just regurgitate Fox News hate propaganda because you want to fit in and sound cool. It's real sad you think the truth is so offensive and would prefer to be lied to and manipulated. But go ahead and keep your head buried in the sand and tote the party line without questioning it, I'm sure in the magical land you live in you will randomly receive a check for $1,000,000 for all your efforts.

OT: Even with Gamspot trying to be less bias towards the Xbox it is still heavily pro XB1, just like most other big gaming media outlets.

DemonChicken2056d ago

Guess they never heard of polygon


*inserts trollface meme here*

VforVideogames2056d ago

This is exactly what Gamespot want : more people to visit their site.