Game Reviews Need To Be Remastered (How Gamers Perceive Reviews)

Today here at Poli Games, Joseph talks about the latest review controversy
around Final Fantasy XV. Joseph talks about how we as gamers preceive game
reviews. Are big sites to blame for bloated review scores? Our does the
blame fall on us the gamer?

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Eonjay2371d ago

Its reviewing really well. The problem gamers have with reviewers is that they don't want the same thing as we do out of games. You see we play games to enjoy them, to be challenged by them and to explore new worlds
Reviewers need games to generate controversy to get traffic because they are motivated by money.

Can we please stop the bull. We know reviewers don't care about games. Or whether we as gamers will enjoy them. They only care about hits. Everything has to be click bait. There is no substance because the majority of these guys are cons.

Good scores for bad games for ad support and bad scores for good games because you are a twat that wants attention. Gamers appreciate reviews... but they want reviews from people who like playing games and like the genre they are playing.

Kreisen2371d ago

The sites you speak of are such a small minority they arent even worth mentioning. Or are you one of those who thinks a 9/10 for Uncharted 4 is "too low" and just a troll review?

Eonjay2371d ago

What does Uncharted have to do with this? Obviously, this wasn't meant to be a reply. Articles are clickbaity. They don't offer actual criticism, just opinions on what they want in a game. Its not about what the reviewer wants but the execution of what is presented. Of course even if the 'reviewer' got everything they wanted they would invent new things not to like. Driveclub got dinged hard for not being open world. Then when Forza 6 came out it wasn't a problem at all. They are not consistent with their own criticisms. They are popularity police and nothing more trying to manage and dictate the success and failure of titles. Thats why I watch Lets Plays now. I can no longer put my blind trust in someone who doesn't deserve it because of a track record of dishonesty and corruption.

And if you don't like that you can go to hell.

wolokowoh2370d ago

Look where you are. N4G the assembly line for sites with clickbait articles. Its the reason you see most as clickbait because you need a bunch of sites with a poor reputation using this site. There's very little curation. However there's a reason the Kotaku review of FFXV has stayed the hottest since it took IGN's spot. It's a really good review. No score. If you simply pay attention you know which reviews line up with your opinion or at least are an honest opinion.

Kreisen2371d ago

Most of the people on game sites only look for a pat on the back on what a good boy theyve been for pre-ordering a game. Nobody wants actual criticism, nobody wants to hear they just wasted $70. Critics write what people wanna hear.

Pantz2370d ago

Never once clicked on your site and never will. What review? Preceive THAT. Maybe when you start paying for your own games you can give more accurate reviews.