Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 (DarkZero)

Dominic Sheard: "It’s curious to see where your faith lies when it comes to a video game franchise. I was a Konami sports guy back when I was playing the Nintendo 64. I loved the arcade feeling of International Superstar Soccer 64 and its follow ups. When I moved to the PlayStation 2, I carried on moving with Konami and picking up the various incarnations of Pro Evolution Soccer, with Pro Evo 5 and 6 taking away lot of my free time. I was a PES guy, enjoying how Konami’s engine worked with the mechanics of the sport. Moving to HD, the series turned for the worse, as Konami couldn't decide what perception of the sport it wanted to recreate. FIFA in the meantime found its bearings and became the undisputed king in both licence and gameplay. Last year’s Pro Evolution gave us a sign of things to come with the newly used Fox Engine, and now Konami’s flagship football game arrives on the one year old consoles full of confidence, as it feels and displays a better game of football than FIFA 15."

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