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T_O873861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

talk about server over load , its taking ages to stream the video

Edit: the art work looks beautiful cant wait for this game
blizzard not even once disappointed me , i like how they take there time making there games quality over quantity

SL1M DADDY3861d ago

Giddy like a little school boy. I knew it was coming some day or another but now that it seems to be here, I can hardly contain my glee. I am buying this, day one along with a new rig for my PC desk. Can't wait!

Kugar773861d ago

im so pumped for this game! im gonna go play some more diablo 2...this seriously made my weekend

Sheddi3861d ago

at 1:40 in the trailer....GOD shes got a GREAT, SEXY body!! wish i could see her face and that it was beautiful :P

OT: nice video

cpt3861d ago

hehe, I guess she's wearing a mask for a reason...

Anyway can't wait to see the other three classes.

christian hour3861d ago

Blizzard have finally moved on from world of warcraft. Star craft 2 and now diablo 3 :D Never had a better reason to upgrade my pc :P

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