Diablo 3 Screenshots

Blizzard has released over 20 screenshots for Diablo 3. They show off the new environments and classes.

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JsonHenry3768d ago

I really am excited about this game! And the online community is going to be HUGE for this game in multiplayer! I mean, it still is for Diablo 2 and that game is how old now?

mariusmal3768d ago

i still play diablo 2 with some friends on battlenet.
im so hyped for this one :D i was never this hyped in my life. they ,mantained the isometric view and that beautiful HUD

thor3768d ago

I don't think it's quite isometric, you can see some perspective there, but it's awesome that they've kept the same style of game that everybody loved, rather than jumping on the 3rd person bandwagon.

Dannycr3768d ago

It will be exactly 8 years tomorrow. Game was release 06/29/2000

Rageanitus3768d ago

The graphics dont loot that good, then again its not close to release.

Still Titan Quest looks much better, and blizzard is strength is never graphics. Thought they do have good art direction.

I just hope when it releases it gets with the times of graphics, because when diablo 2 first came out I was so turned off by the low resolution. Only when thrones of destruction came out with the higher res patch, my life drained away

Charlie26883768d ago

While the game and obviously the graphics are a long way to go I would agree the game looks ok but not even remotely the same quality as Titan Quest in graphics cuz if you look at the character models for D3 in the official page they look pretty low res and when you do the same with TQ they look worlds apart since TQ ones are mainly made out of high res textures -_-

MK_Red3768d ago

Isometric beauty... if only Fallout 3 was like this instead of first effking person.

mepsipax3768d ago

I hope this game is extremely long, and has a good multiplayer like diablo 2 did, I just want a huge gigantic world to explore.