The Diablo III Notebook: Final Confirmation?

If you're not fortunate enough to be in Paris for Blizzard's Worldwide Invitational, then you should be interested in knowing that those who are in attendance are getting notebooks with a familiar face on the front: Diablo.

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OMGLOLZ3791d ago

Is totally the picture in the splash image...

Silellak3791d ago

I'm happy with a Diablo 3 announcement. Really curious what direction they'll take the series in.

I imagine a sort-of MMO ala Hellgate or Guild Wars. Like Diablo 2, but with even more MMO qualities, yet remaining subscription-fee-less like Guild Wars.

In fact, I predict it will be very, very much like a 3D - but still locked isometric - perespective Guild Wars-style game, but with the uber Blizzard polish.

Man - only Blizzard could generate hype like this over a PC game announcement. Their marketing team deserves massive props.

Nostradavis3791d ago

This story is a dupe, the original (posted before this) is here...

SL1M DADDY3791d ago

I have waited a long time for another Diablo. This game will indeed swipe many hours of my life away and force me to finally update my rig. Money, money, money!