SOCOM: Confrontation: Multiplayer Gameplay has released more footage of Socom Confrontation.
The two maps are Quarantine and Kasbah.

It seems as we get closer to E3 we will be seeing more and more videos of our favorite games. Game trailers has been posting alot of Socom videos lately and we here ate N4G look forward to keeping you updated.

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aiphanes3769d ago

Socom will be hot hot hot!!!

-Maverick-3769d ago

Socom is looking freaking good... and its only a PSN game : )


Milky3769d ago

Or on disc bundled with a beeeutiful headset.

PoSTedUP3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

5.1 surround sound OMG!

im a diehard fan man i cant f-ing wait its gunna be so damn [email protected]#$%[email protected]#$%@


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The story is too old to be commented.