Five annoying things about the PS3 that Sony needs to fix

Chi Kong Lui reports:

''The Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 bundle with a free $100 gift card from Best Buy (price matching Wal-Mart's deal) was too enticing to pass up. On a late Wednesday night, I dutifully lined-up for the midnight release and became one of 48 consumers at the Best Buy in West Patterson, NJ that night to join the PS3 nation.

I recalled the original PS3 launch-day hardware problems and inferior online experience and thought that it was prudent to wait for the kinks to be ironed out. Yet, for all the issues that have been addressed through several console variations and numerous firmware patches, much to my surprise, there are still some glaring issues that need to be addressed immediately. This is my open letter to Sony to get these items fixed ASAP.''

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drtysouf 213766d ago

There is a solution for his first point here

Mr_Showtime13766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

The solution to the 4th one is here:

and the solution to the 5th one is here:

I should write my own letter to Microsoft telling them to fix:

1. A lack of a charging cable at all
2. The obsurdly loud disc drive and fan
3. No built in Wifi
4. Reduce the price of thier hardrives
5. Dashboard is too messy

JoelR3766d ago

"I recalled the original PS3 launch-day hardware problems and inferior online experience and thought that it was prudent to wait for the kinks to be ironed out."

my question is - what launch hardware issue? I have 3 of em and they all work as well as the day they where bought and I suspect that 99.9% of others who have launch day PS3s would say the same.
I will grant him that PSN didn't launch with as many features as XLive but it has progressively evolved at an amazing rate.

Sexius Maximus3766d ago

is that we are two years into the life of the PS3, and they don't have any exclusive RPG's...what the hell? (I don't count Folklore) Don't get me wrong FF13 will be worth the wait, but...what the hell?

ChampIDC3766d ago

The 360 does have rechargable batteries and a cable that you can get separately. The rest of your points are 100% right, though.

Mr_Showtime13766d ago

I have had to buy a load of extra peripherals for mine, but my point is that if he is going to complain about a short usb charger, then I can complain about not having one at all.

Bubble Buddy3766d ago

360 needs to fix:
Make online Free
Free Wi-fi

Wii needs to fix:
Better 3rd Party games
Better system updates
Better online

Ps3 needs to fix:
Free headset with System
Faster Time for updates
IN-GAME XMB (On the way)

iHEARTboobs3766d ago

You realize there isn't much to complain about with the PS3 if that's all he can come up with. Good job sony, just remember to keep the steady flow of quality games coming. :)

MikeGdaGod3766d ago

i just want to know why he would want to play with the DS2 controller. i know there are adapters and he could if he did a little research, but why would he want to in the first place?

cito35th3766d ago

WHY THE FCK IS THE LENGTH OF A USB WIRE A FACTOR? you have to be sh!tting me!!! infared? really? thats stepping back in time!!!

i know the ps3 is such a great system when people cannot recall creditable faults!!!

i can make a listtttttttttttttttttt for 360, mean while for ps3 we say that the usb wire is too short?! woooow

Solid_Snake3766d ago

I charge my controlller with my laptop. I have them both charging at the same time, and keep my laptop next to me.

killinet2473765d ago

Actually there isn't an adapter that fully supports compatibility for all of the Guitar Hero games on ps2 and all of the ddr games. Of course there are adapters for ps2 dualshock controllers but not the guitars and dance pads thats what he was implying. The only one you can find doesn't support all the GH games and the HO/PO functions of each. This is something that also irritates me I am still hoping they make one that works so i can play my old GH games on my ps3.

MEGANE3765d ago

good idea...thanx...i can belive i never done that before.....btw u know that u can copy all of ur IPOD songs on ur PS3. Thanks 4 the tip.

jadenkorri3765d ago

comment 1, they went blu ray, get over it, ps3 controller works just fine as a dvd remote type controller
comment 2 how much of rambo did u watch, there not long at all, well not on my system, mines the 60 gig, updates are like 5 mins max, if nay complain would be valid would be able to at least download the update in the background and install later, or when you shut it down
comment 3 when i first got my ps3 and was on a reg tv, font was way small and was squinting to see, once on my new hdtv, font size is the same but seems more crisper on a hdtv, ive gone between then, theres a big difference, but no problems on an hdtv
comment 4 lamest excuse ever, oh noes 4 ft, charge your controller when your not playing, or when you go grab something to eat, you will never have a problem
comment 5 there is no lack of, you can buy the usb to ps2 controller adapter anyways, ive had it long before the ps3 came out, it was for my pc....

my personal comment...your a f*cking idiot, these annoying things have been already mentioned long before, what rock did you crawl out from, and i waste 10 mins typing in reponse

thesummerofgeorge3765d ago

Most of these points were trivial at best.... Like he needed to fill the list so he started reaching. Guy's a whiner.

The Lazy One3765d ago

You'd think he insulted jesus. He didn't say those are reasons not to buy the system. He's just saying those are stupid things that were overlooked by sony.

For those of you who think the PS3 controller works fine, you misunderstood him completely. He's talking about the fact that it's a blu-ray player, and a lot of people using it just for that will probably have one of those or something similar. You don't buy one of those to have extra remotes sitting around.

Seriously, you all need to chill the f out. These aren't game ruiners, and he doesn't expect them to me. These are just things that are stupid. In the same vane, the 2 front USB ports on the 360 are stupid, because they're set inside a dark hole no bigger than the size of your finger.

barom3765d ago

since solution for 4 and 5 is already posted. Thought I put out a solution for nr 1. And here we go

pretty cheap too

MADGameR3765d ago

annoying things about the X Box 360 so yeah, come up with something better MS fanz! XD

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Condoleezza Rice3766d ago

This isn't 1998,where whipping out your two devices and matching their heads together to transfer data was the In thing.

drtysouf 213766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

More remote manufacturers need to start using bluetooth. Logitech Harmony i'm pointing at you.

jaysquared3766d ago

The IR thing is actually a pretty valid point. More than half of PS3 owners bought it mainly as a blue ray player and many probably have high end remotes like the author mentioned that only do IR.. I know my friend has this problem of not being able to control his ps3 with his IR universal remote. Why can't sony just release an IR usb port just like what the author said.

season0073766d ago

but can they come up with better one?

these are rubbish

zapass3765d ago

I actually much prefer using the bluetooth controller than an IR remote.
I don't even need to look at it, or to hold it or to point at the PS3: I can just drop my hand on it on the couch and "touch control" it, even using the joysticks for ffw or rwd. it's waaaaaaay better.

[email protected] the IR remote control, retards always need to find excuses for why it took them so long to convert to ps3 LOL!

ThanatosDMC3765d ago

Bluetooth has an initial 10 meters (about 33 feet) of distance... wtf? IR is ancient!

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niall773766d ago


where on earth will you find a longer USB cable.

Dir_en_grey3766d ago

Yeah, besides the update time (which is long the first time, but how often do you do it anyways), all his other complains are simply resolved with simply buying a cheap adapter. That's why USB is good.
#3 is complaining about fonts on a non hi-def tv seems like...

Seems like this guy is just too cheap to buy anything and wants Sony to include everything for him.

The END3766d ago

yes, you can find a longer one, for a PRICE.... kinda like the 360 charge and play cable.....

good point myself!

Bad_Karma3766d ago

The guy is a whining d1ck ...end off

Max Power3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

is your picture what i think it is?

oh and about the article. My cousin just bought a PS3 and the longest thing that took him was setting up his account, the update took 5 mins.

rodeoo3766d ago

the dude is really trying hard to find something to complain about

kosha3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Lol yeah. Here is my list

1.Why does it brake when I hit it with a hammer.

2.Why can it not play the game when the disc isnt in it.

3.My hands are too fat to hold the controller.

4.Umm...Why can I not play my 360 games on it.

5.Why does the wireless connection for the controller not reach to across my street.

Epic3765d ago

brilliant comment, bubbles to you sir.

uckitsayitchbay3765d ago

Actually my ps3 controller will work from across the street lol.. one time to prove a point i went across the street and wrapped the BD Remote up in a king size comforter laid on top of it and it still turned on the system lol.... But yeah how long does the usb cable have to be. Do you need to charge the thing 10 feet away or what??