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IGN - "A LittleBigPlanet game has many moving parts, and LittleBigPlanet 3 showcases what can go wrong when they aren't quite properly aligned, despite a valiant attempt. New developer Sumo Digital created an enormous puzzle-platformer with equally enormous scope for creation and an enjoyable single-player experience; however, it is undermined by unimaginative co-op and a number of game-breaking bugs."

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DarXyde2527d ago

Quite a disparity there.

Just finished reading Joystiq's. Just posted it.

Torque_CS_Lewith2527d ago

Both Joystiq and IGN are my go to sites for reviews so it is rather perplexing at the moment. Lazygamer and CVG ought to clear it up for me.

DarXyde2527d ago

"TORQUE [dkjnkdnfndjwekrwbekrjkwnhfkvx c] LEWITH! NEVADA STATE...PENITENTIARY"

LOVE Key and Peele. I'm a Hingle McCringleberry fan myself!

On topic, I find IGN to be sensationalist (I mentioned that in another review). They are either too eager to give a game a stupid-high score or ridiculously low score. Here and there, they get it right, but Joystiq is what I use because I agree with them 9 out of 10 times. I managed to validate this by buying games before reading reviews in the past, giving my own score and then checking. The consistency is oftentimes amazing, so that's my reasoning. I guess since you have the two reviews, just see what they talk about and find out what's consistent and what differs. Then again, who needs review scores at all? ;)

oof462527d ago

@DarXyde: I thought that was Polygon's m.o? Or was it Destructoid? Hmm...

DoctorRedBeard2527d ago

IGN is your go to site for reviews? man you sure know how to tell a good joke.

darthv722527d ago

It says it was reviewed on the PS4, im curious how they feel about the PS3 version. That's the one I'm going for but chances are they would feel the same about it.

I still enjoy the series and will get it because of that enjoyment.

ShinMaster2527d ago

The game has an average of 80+ from all reviews.

The bugs IGN is complaining about were patched on day 1.

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JDM720922527d ago

I don't get why everyone is concerned with the reviews of this game. It seems like the only complaints with this game are the bugs (which will be fixed), controls (I think that they are great), and the story mode. I don't think anyone buys this LBP for the story. We all know that the main selling point of this game (the creation and community aspects) will be fantastic.

Relientk772527d ago

I was expecting like 8-9.5 somewhere so yeah, wow way lower than I thought

BiggerBoss2527d ago

That looks to be what other sites are giving it, i guess IGN were a little more harsh this time

Mr_Writer852527d ago

If the bugs really are game breaking then IGN are right to mark it down.

There is no excuses for such things and the developers should be ashamed.

Maybe they took on to much with a PS3 and PS4 version.

Either way it sounds like whilst the game has plenty of good points the bugs really hamper the experience (even the editor hints at the end, had the day one patch fixed the bugs the score might of been higher).

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2527d ago

Day 1 patch apparently fixed game breaking bugs, that being said, the reviewer Lucy O'brian apparently never tried the day 1 patch.

mydyingparadiselost2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

@ Kenshin
"Across two PlayStation 4 systems, my (already patched) game encountered frequent frame rate stuttering, crashed multiple times and glitched out so I couldn’t respawn after dying."
That was with a day zero patch.
How does a reviewer try a day one patch when the review is written before it exists/is available? Even if she used the patch she'd have to go through the entirety of the game again to check for those bugs. Doesn't make sense.

Mr_Writer852527d ago


[Editor's note - a Day One patch for LittleBigPlanet 3 may resolve some of the bug issues, but we have gone over the upcoming list of fixes and there weren't enough pertinent to our experience to justify changing the score].

So it seems some of the game breaking bugs are yet to be fixed.

IF that is the case I stand by what I say that IGN are right to lower the score.

However a 6.8 for a game with game breaking bugs is still a great score, fixing said bugs could push it to a 7.5 or maybe even an 8.

ger23962527d ago

Right, because no game has launched without bugs. /s

Mr_Writer852527d ago

They say they are game breaking.

There is a difference between a bug and a game breaking one.

PJF_Josh2527d ago

I reviewed it for PS Nation. I had the Day 0 patch, there were bugs in the game. The details listed for the Day 1 patch covered a number of the bugs I came across.

Not a single thing I ran into would be considered "game breaking". I was able to play through the entire story, connect to other players, try created levels, you name it.

RonRico2527d ago

@ mydyingparadiselost
" my (already patched) game encountered frequent frame rate stuttering, crashed multiple times and glitched out so I couldn’t respawn after dying."
Sounds so much like a recent Assassins game. Which scored a 7.8 somehow.

Forn2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

These are not ' game breaking' bugs smh. Those would be bugs that make the game unplayable or unbeatable or unenjoyable because of frequency of them happening or etc. Everything else besides a few hiccups makes the game look amazing and a blast to play. I honestly can't wait to play it when I get home, and can't wait to see all the amazing levels people will create over it's lifespan.

Visiblemarc2527d ago

The odd thing is that only IGN is reporting such extreme problems. Other reviewers and day one users are reporting stability.

Is the day one patch the issue?

Who knows. All I can say though, is that is a pretty dumb reason for a game to have a mediocre score, when the ONLY version that will EVER be played by 99.9% of users is vastly better.

The review system is messed up.

Silly Mammo2527d ago

"Game breaking" seems to have become a term used by lazy gaming journalists. I've seen it thrown around a lot more often nowadays.

r2oB2527d ago

Funny, IGN didn't seem too harsh in their scoring when it came to master chief collections and it's apparent multiplayer issues. No consistency in their review process.

HammadTheBeast2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Bullshit. IGN gave Master Chief Collection a 9/10, the MP is still unplayable with bugs.

Where's the markdown for half the game not working?

Also, see: CoD AW, Assasins Creed Unity, Battlefield 3,4.

TheFanboySlayer2526d ago

What's dumb is that they said they reviewed the list of patch fixes.....didn't even bother to try it out again to see if it was really fixed.......lazy review

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MSBAUSTX2527d ago

There are several other reviewers giving it between an 8 and a 9. So I don't think this review is the one I would go with when it comes to getting an impression of this game. I usually do watch IGN's video reviews though and have found that about 90 percent of the time it is good and helpful. But seeing as how this is so much lower than every other review I have seen, I don't think I will believe it.

Metallox2527d ago

I'm honestly surprised by this score.

aceitman2527d ago

They say buggy. But give ac unity a 7.8 as bad as the framerate and bugs and glitches are. But gave it a higher score. U can play cooperation online or off so I don't get the limited co-op there crying about

torchic2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

what about MCC? the MP is still broken but it's sitting on an 87 on Metacritic.

to be fair to IGN tho it looks like one of their rookies did the review. and if you actually read the review it sounds like an awesome game with a few bugs so I really don't get such a low score?

marlinfan102527d ago


its not broken, it just takes a while to connect to a game. the same exact bug TLOU had when it launched, yet that was getting 10/10 across the board with no complaints from you guys.

this isn't a low score, its a little less than a 70, big deal. not every game gets a 9 or 10/10

frelyler2527d ago

Lucy O'Brien and her reviews are schizophrenic. She will praise a game in the review, but then give it a low score. I feel like she harped on the single player too much an didn't give as much weight to the creation process, which is what this game is all about. Why does COD get a pass on having a bad single player? Reviews these days are a joke. I will read the content, but not take the number into account. Also, the female reviewers are great to have on IGN, but I want a male to review some of the things they are reviewing as well. That way we can get a male and female perspective. I feel like I have seen scores from females that are lower because of their tastes being inherently different. A prime example is the complaint of too much gore or violence, I appreciate the heads up, but I want a male's take on it as well.