The Last of Us, GOW 3, LittleBigPlanet 3 and more run significantly faster now on the PC via RPCS3

Whatcookie, one of the RPCS3 contributors, has managed to significantly improve performance in a lot of games that use Morphological Anti-Aliasing (MLAA).

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mkis0071340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

you can run all 3 of these games better on ps4... With the added assets that will never be available on the ps3 versions. ( The max fidelity of the emulated versions will always be worse than that of the ps4 versions. So why are they not trying to get the ps4 versions?

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TheScotsman1340d ago

And on top of that what kinda beast pc do you need for this...

I_am_Batman1340d ago

A midrange PC will do just fine. The CPU is the most crucial part in emulation. The RPCS3 people are doing great work in optimizing the emulation quality and efficiency. By the time they'll finish the emulator the system requirements won't be a problem for most people.

I_am_Batman1340d ago

Only a small percentage of games get remasters. Running games at higher framerates and resolutions than they originally did on the consoles is just a nice side effect that's made possible through the progress of technology. The primary purpose of emulation is the preservation of gaming history.

Kados1340d ago

The PS4 can run it at 4k/120fps with 8x MSAA, 16x AF and custom shaders?

Harkins17211340d ago

The point of emulation is to have it forever. PCs get better by the day. In 2 years Rpcs3 maybe fully done and working with most games. So in case a game gets lost in time I don't need a ps3 20 years from now to play it.

ProjectVulcan1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Because it's more than just the three games in the title.

When Metal Gear Solid 4 runs well I'll be happily playing that at high resolution and smooth frame rates, something the PS3 never managed and no other version exists of that masterpiece. No PS4 version or remaster in sight......

A custom build works well: https://www.youtube.com/wat... although I'll give it more time to mature and work in the full releases.

mkis0071340d ago

Assets...not settings. Textures and other upgrades in the remasters dont exist in the ps3 version.

Giblet_Head1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Because there's currently no PS4 emulator. It won't take as long though for one to pop up compared to RPCS3 though since the PS4's architecture is closer to a PC than a PS3 with it's cell processor which is the main reason RPCS3 has taken as long as it has for it's small team to understand and work around.

MadLad1339d ago

You know you can alter emulated titles, right? I've played N64 games that were modded and could have passed for Gamecube releases.

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Einhander19711340d ago

Sega Model 3 games still don’t run properly under emulation regardless of power. It’s all in the custom ware the original tech had.

ProjectVulcan1340d ago

Half run well, half don't. You can emulate anything in theory, but it can require a lot of effort to get the performance desired.

chilopirrin1340d ago

ok that´s good, but what about killzone 2???

Giblet_Head1340d ago

Making progress. It's in a playable state though, just needs some fixes to certain alphas.


Naughty Dog Says Tomorrow's Last of Us Day Stream Won't Have Game or TV News

Will focus on "art, merch, and more".

Naughty Dog has announced it'll be celebrating The Last of Us Day - its annual hat tip to the community - again this year, but has warned fans not to expect any game or TV show news.

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Snookies125d ago

Is that multiplayer EVER going to drop? Like good lord... I love Naughty Dog so much, they're definitely in my top 5, if not top 3 developers. At this point, it's just getting ridiculous though. There's never even been a trailer for it, right? What the heck is going on with that? Just kind of baffled by the lack of info because I was looking forward to that quite a bit before Last of Us 2 even dropped.

-Foxtrot5d ago

Last gen, 2 years after the PS4 released we had Uncharted 4 but we didn't get a new IP from them.

3 years after the PS5 dropped and we've had nothing new from NaughtyDog and still no sign of a new IP just a remake we really didn't need.

The only thing we know is coming is an online focused multiplayer game and while Factions was a great addition to the original TLOU it's not like any of us wanted a full on multiplayer game spin off to take time away from other things. We could have at least had a reveal trailer of their new IP by now by their second team if the focus wasn't so split.

Feels like they care more about the TV show, it's all they ever talk about even with the writers / actors strike going on.

Profchaos5d ago

Goes to show how boring this gen will turn out everyone's talking forever to craft their graphical masterpiece that the generation will be over by the time the next hitters come out

Markusb335d ago

starting to get fairly fed up with all the lack of communication from 1st party. Even when the last of us started its hype was more interesting, showing the ants etc and no one knew what the game was about.
Being totally in the dark is much worse

Obscure_Observer5d ago

"Just kind of baffled by the lack of info because I was looking forward to that quite a bit before Last of Us 2 even dropped."

Looks like the rumors surrounding that game been in development hell are accurate.

GamingSinceForever5d ago

At least they understand when a product isn’t up to snuff.

Profchaos5d ago

Sam's like they had to scrap it and start again after Bungies assessment

crazyCoconuts5d ago

Based on their last update and some reading between the lines, it seemed like the work they had done was deemed as scrappable by the Bungie gods. I mean, factions was always kinda niche and this GaaS religion is probably looking for it to be a mainstream hit.
I'm guessing it's scrapped altogether. Maybe ND reworks it to be more accessible to the masses, but Last of Us doesn't seem to fit into the prototypical 3rd person shooter for the masses mold imo

moomoo3195d ago

Sold a wolf ticket with MP im still annoyed about that… Spent $60 on that game expecting MP to come in a reasonable time frane

S2Killinit5d ago

They are my personal number 1 dev.

I think they will only drip it if and when its ready and up to their standards.

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solideagle5d ago

I don't know how they managed to do 3 uncharted and 1 TLOU on PS3 compared to now...Every Studio needs way more time now. This is a big problem with AAA industry. I think Sony should also have AA studios to make great games on shorter timeline. it could cost 30-40 dollars

SonyStyled5d ago

Uh, they did. They just closed Japan and PixelOpus recently because AA titles didn’t sell. Guerilla Cambridge and BigBig also ring a bell from the last 5 years or so