Our frothing demand for this game increases.* After all, the Sly Cooper series offered some of the prettiest and most fun experiences on PS2. So when Sucker Punch – the folks behind the raccoon – makes an open-world game with super powers and drool-worthy looks, we're all over it.

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Condoleezza Rice3863d ago

I can't wait to play a demo of this :D

NDN_Shadow3863d ago

If they did, that'd be pretty cool. If they didn't they should. More games need demos, often because previews/reviews don't always give the reader a good feeling of the game.

Chris Bosh3863d ago

Your not only gonna want the demo.
Ur gonna the whole GAME!!!!!!!!

Rick Astley3863d ago

Every game that I've played from Sucker Punch has been "imPRESSIVE". That's the real reason I can't wait to play through inFamous. Plus the story sounds like it's going to kick some serious ass and the characters, your friends in the game, look very cool.

cmrbe3863d ago

tried any SP games but if they are anything like those naught dogs then i am sure its going to be excellent.

I love the concept enough that i am going to buy it.

Doppy3863d ago

Sucker Punch is a great developer. There up there with the likes of Insomniac and Naughty Dog.

1. Insomniac
2. Naughty Dog
3. Sucker Punch

NO_PUDding3863d ago

They truly are up there with Insomniac.

I don't know why their titles are comign so late to the table, but atleast they aren't beign cancelled like 8 days.

Sony's first party is so insanely awesome.

Shaka2K63863d ago

AAA material confirmed.

aiphanes3863d ago

Lets just hope they show some of it at E3. I am ok with a 2009 release date. 2009 is also going to be an awesome PS3 year.

SmokingMonkey3863d ago

Dylan is going to spit hot fire.
i rip when i rhyme, i rhyme when i rip this is the way that dylan spits.
you want some of this hot fire?

NO_PUDding3862d ago

Sounds like some kind of homo-erotic innuendo, so be quiet.

SmokingMonkey3862d ago

you're too close're too close!

NO_PUDding3862d ago

Maybe you need to sense of humour, I am still laughing from my and your joke, and now your worried reply.

SmokingMonkey3862d ago

your grammar says it all buddy.
and your lack of intelligence shows even more since you haven't edited it in at least 7 hours.
that was fun.

NO_PUDding3861d ago

Damn, now I look like a proper ass...

Need to sense of humour?

What the heck had I smoked?

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