Sanzaru Games Crushes Sly Cooper PS4 Sequel Dreams

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time was a fine title. While Pushsquare felt that it tip-toed a little too closely to Sucker Punch’s pre-established PlayStation 2 platformer blueprint, Pushsquare really liked that nostalgic quality to it. The game actually sold surprisingly well, too, charting on the NPD best sellers list last February – and apparently accruing some tidy numbers as a consequence.

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I_am_Batman1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Sad. Not surprising though.

But hey. Maybe they are working on Crash Bandicoot instead. One can dream right?

Abash1487d ago

I hope Sony green lights a Sly 5 soon, Sly: Thieves in Time is fairly recent and there is a Sly Cooper movie coming out in 2016.

I wouldn't say this means there will never be a Sly 5 though, in fact the movie is a good indicator that Sony has plans to keep the Sly series alive.

ironfist921487d ago

I dream of a day we can see a solid Crash/Spyro crossover platformer, as well as a Sly/Jak/Ratchet crossover platformer too, as final Hurrah games which close off their stories definitely.

badz1491487d ago

I am really excited for the sequel! they can't just leave it like that after that Sly4's ending.

Thatguy-3101487d ago

I'm pretty sure the franchise will come back when the movie comes out. Similar to how they're tackling down the Ratchet and clack franchise.

ironfist921487d ago

Sucker Punch haven't announced anything after Second Son/First Light, so maybe they're working on Sly 5?

Sevir1485d ago

They've left that series in the dust, their next game is a new ip

Lionalliance1487d ago

Awwww, they did such a great job with Sly 4!

Kivespussi1486d ago

Except with the QTE final boss. It was horrible. Other than that the game was great

Chapter111487d ago

Yeah, they're too busy rolling around in cash working on Sonic Boom- WAIT A MINUTE!

Majin-vegeta1487d ago

In other words.We can't don anything until Sony Greenlights us.

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The story is too old to be commented.