Diablo 3's Loot System Sucks Again

Remember when Diablo 3's loot system sucked fat balls and then they made a patch for Reaper of Souls that made it awesome? The crap loot system is back.

This may be old news to you but the author plays the game casually.

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heliotropic3244d ago

Whoever wrote this article is a tremendous pussy.

Mutant-Spud3244d ago

Yeah you have good runs and bad runs and sometimes 60-70 can be a real chore.
I started another witch doctor earlier in the week and it's taken me 18 hours to get to 65 and because I've found sod all I've mainly been equipping gear from the stash and crafting to get by, whereas my seasonal character took 14 hours to 70 and is dealing twice the damage.
What is it in the words "random loot drops" that people don't understand?

Germaximus3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

There is a tremendous difference between the patch before RoS launched and the nerf to the loot system after.

clouds53244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

I think it's the perfect casual hack n slash for a casual gamer. You can't measure how good the game is with stuff like "upgrades you find while playing an hour". At some point your characters are done. That also happened in D2, there may still be a set part you already have but with better stats but for me when I can breeze through T6 my character is done.
THe problem is after that there is no real reason to play that char except for gameplay. Because you will never find an upgrade for you other char that just became 70. So the D2 system is still better IMHO. My sorc with tele still had a purpose even after she acquired perfect gear.
So gear wise it has its flaws, but the gameplay in D3 is just amazing. So much fun.

Germaximus3243d ago

I definitely enjoy the gameplay still. I'm not saying the game sucks or anything like some people seem to think. The major patch before RoS was amazing offering upgrades often for any level of character. They definitely flipped the switch back off on that one.

lonelyplayer3244d ago

I didn't like this game. It was either too easy or too hard. Also, It's really bad that you can't increase the difficulty before reaching level 60...
I play this game when I can't sleep..
It's really effective.

heliotropic3244d ago

You can increase the difficulty almost immediately upon starting the game...

lonelyplayer3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

I started in expert and it was too easy. I could literally just press x and wait until all monsters were dead.
You can't increase the difficulty further before level 60.

And I'm not the only one: https://www.google.com/webh...

I'm was playing on torment 3 but the torment difficulties are very unbalanced, most of the time is very easy and few times is very very hard.

Reaon3244d ago

Haven't played since launch but I'm starting to get interested again, however, almost every livestream I watch has people doing retardedly high damage (in the billions). Can anyone tell what's up with that? It looks incredibly stupid.


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RpgSama1562d ago

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Then goes to list 5 multiplatform games.

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I was gonna say, if Halo, Gears, Forza, Sea of Theives & Crackdown die, what's left?!

stuna11561d ago

You all better keep it down before the trusty diehards bumrush you all for talking bad about their massiah.


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