6 Games Saved By Updates, Relaunches, Or Just A Great Big Patch

Plenty of games launch rough-around-the-edges but these games launched fundamentally flawed. Here are 6 games that were saved by updates.

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ArchangelMike1097d ago

I still remember the snafu that was the BF4 launch disaster. I think that was one of the worst because the game was completely unplayable, I mean you couldn't even connect to the servers for the first week or so.

CorndogBurglar1097d ago

Yeah man. BF4 was a total disaster! It took about a year for it to fully grow into something great.

Segata1097d ago

Warframe. Game went from being kinda terrible with a great idea to be one of the better games PERIOD on the market. As an action game as a third person shooter. As a free to play and as a Destiny like the game but better.

Darkborn1097d ago

Warframe definitely was saved from patches. I thought it was pretty bad when it came out, and now it's my favorite game. I can't wait for new updates and I play it every single day.

Bismarn1097d ago

Lair, a launch title for the PS3. Sony forced the Rogue Squadron developer make the dragons control with the Sixaxis controller. When both the game and Sixaxis controls in general were recognized as disasters within a week of launch, the developer made a huge patch making the game control normally. Completely fixed the game, but too late to change consumer's initial repulsion and the developer went out of business.