Gamercast Network hosting PAX discussion panel

Talking About Games is reporting that with just over two months until the 2008 edition of the Penny Arcade Expo kicks off, Gamercast Network is pleased to announce their plans to present a panel discussion titled Podcasting: The New Media. Focusing on the recent emergence of podcasting as a new method of communication, the panel takes place on Sunday, August 31st from 10:00am through 11:00am PDT in Satellite Room 400.

Moderated by Chris Paladino, Xbox Community Manager and member of the Gamerscore Blog team, the panel consists of five hosts from the podcasts which form Gamercast Network. The session is being offered as a true-to-life discussion on the realities of podcasting, learning how to connect with an audience in a fun and unique way, and as an insight into the inner workings of successful podcasts.

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