Assassin’s Creed Unity: Microtransactions and Companion App Hidden in Review Copies

Microtransactions and Companion App Hidden in Review Copies

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core_52446d ago

bullshit, the server was just offline until monday

TitanUp2445d ago

Most reviewers had their Copy of Unity Mid last week and most had their review ready to go by Saturday or Sunday.

the big sites talked about it all weekend and in various videos through this week about the NDA restriction on Unity.

Mr Pumblechook2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

I don't know if it was deliberate or not that the micro transactions 'feature' was not available to reviewers. However Ubisoft should have made damn sure that the servers were online for the reviewers so that they were reviewing the same game that we the public get to play, so they can accurately report what we will experience. I've read a perfect ten out ten review from PlayStation LifeStyle that makes no mention of micro transactions! I've read a perfect review (writing wise -score was 8) from CVG that makes no mention of micro transactions! There is literally no excuse for Ubisoft not to turn on the servers so reviewers could play the same game the public play.

I'm such a fan Assassin's Creed however this game has made me lose a lot of trust in Ubisoft. First there was the question of graphics parity - concerns about the PS4 version being gimped were substantiated and going for the lowest common denominator means all versions are less then what they should be. And now micro transactions been littered throughout a game that consumers have paid full price for. Obviously games are a business, however there is so much creative potential in these games, and I think this clustermess is the result of the suits prioritising French Euros over creativity. They have treated their loyal customers with disdain, and that's why the game is not achieving it's creative or technical potential.

core_52445d ago

got my copy last friday and since monday all works fines, incl. coop, microtransactions, app ... enough time for reviewers ...

this fucking industry is just howling at.

Volkama2445d ago

@Tripe_Down Micro-transactions "working fine" isn't a positive thing...

joab7772445d ago

Who cares really? This isn't new or news. And by the time I saw a review, I already knew anyway.

The real story is the lack of a day 1 1080 patch for ps4 that Black Flag got. And the lack of a day 1 optimization patch.

2/3 of next gen console owners play on PS4 (or close). Is this gonna be an issue with every game like Far Cry 4? No. Because they have a deal with Sony regarding Far Cry and w/ Microsoft for AC. It's absurd.

Maxor2445d ago

This fantastic news!! I'm glad that Sony has a deal for Farcry 4 and AC: Unity runs better on the Xbox One. Because as a PS4 owner, I really hate parity. Thank you Ubisoft for delivering exactly your loyal N4G fans requested. This is going to be a great generation of gaming.

Seafort2445d ago

You seriously think PS4 will get a 1080p patch for this game?

It's not the graphics card that's holding both consoles back but the weak ass CPUs.

GPUs aren't used for AI in games CPUs are and the consoles CPUs are pathetic compared to the amount of unified RAM and GPUs used.

Wake up Sony and MS sold you a bottlenecked system for the next several years :)

Volkama2445d ago

A-Well absurd-surd-surd, Absurd is the word.

Sing it like you mean it.

gorebago2445d ago

who cares... did anyone happen to die as a result of this supposed scandal?

torchic2445d ago

so people have to die before wrongs in the industry are spoken about?

starchild2445d ago

No, but he's right that some people are overreacting...again.

The game doesn't run perfectly well on consoles and that sucks. I fully agree that they should have prioritized a stable 30fps and modified the game as needed in order to achieve it. But it's not an unplayable mess. Millions of people played the previous AC games on PS3 at similar framerates. And they put up with screen tearing too.

At the end of the day, it is what it is. Those that think they can handle the framerate drops can get the game and (hopefully) enjoy it. Those that can't accept such framerates can either buy the PC version or simply not buy the game at all.

Imalwaysright2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

"Those that can't accept such framerates can either buy the PC version or simply not buy the game at all."

I don't understand why anyone would settle for a broken product but...

...why dont you tell that to the people that bought the game without knowing the issues the game had? Ubisoft knew very well that they were releasing a broken game. Shady practices like the one reported in Polygon's article need to die. The fact that releasing broken games has become a norm in this industry needs to die.

Gamers aren't overreacting. Not when companies like Ubisoft do everything in their power to mislead us and screw us over. Gamers are giving Ubisoft the reaction they deserve. This type of rection was long overdue.

Neo_Zeed2445d ago

Wow... even new levels of shady practices from Ubisoft. In other words they hid features that would lower the review scores.

It's now official... Ubisoft is sleazy shit.

bunt-custardly2445d ago

Not sure why you're getting all the agrees but, Microtransactions are an optional extra as are the chests which require the companion app.

Having played the entire game and ignored both of these my enjoyment wasn't any less as a result so it's not really credible to cite them as derogatory to the gaming experience.

If however you couldn't progress in the game without them, then that would be a problem. But we're not there yet are we outside of F2P models.

GameSpawn2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

All the Helix credit stuff (the micro-transactions) are paid for cheats. They existed in Black Flag's multiplayer for those that didn't want to grind for days or weeks building up the normal in-game credits to unlock stuff.

Granted there are pieces of gear in Unity that cost a whopping 140,000-160,000 in-game credits to unlock via the normal path, but only 1,000 or so Helix credits to "hack" open. This may be tempting to those with highly disposable income that don't want to slowly grind their way to the good equipment.

I'm not spending one red cent on any helix credits as I know the games economy becomes ludicrous once you have done all the renovations and have income rolling in at a stupidly fast rate - this is also not including any possible income generated by the Companion App metagame (though since it is currently not working we can't get squat out of that).

2445d ago
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