Ikki Tousen : Images and Artworks

You can see more Ikki Tousen's heroines thanks to these new images of the action game published and developed by Marvelous on PSP.

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LastDance4733d ago this porn or what?...

Asurastrike4733d ago

It's base off of an anime that is loosely based off of the "Romance of the three kingdoms" stories. Every character has a jewel that holds the destiny of one of the heroes of the story, and the story is playing through between three rival highschools.

It's basically an anime that is all about fan service and fighting.

rCrysis4733d ago

i believe its just another japanese game about an anime series. even though, its great to have some more games on the PSP!

show some PSP love!

Reibooi4733d ago

I have no idea if this IkkiTousen game will be good or not but I will say this. I'm sick and tired of the US not getting the best anime games and getting nothing but the crap DBZ and Naruto games. Some of the best games over in Japan every once in a while are based on anime but they are never released stateside. It's very annoying for a anime and gaming fan such as myself. Nothing worse then watching an anime and saying to yourself WOW this would make a kickass game only to learn there IS a kickass game but its only in Japan.