Performance Analysis: Assassin's Creed Unity

Eurogamer: "Assassin's Creed Unity falls short of the performance standard set by last year's Black Flag, featuring considerably more variable frame-rates under load on both consoles. Given the immense graphical upgrade on offer, this isn't so surprising, but what comes as a bit of a shock is that the Xbox One version frequently out-performs the PS4 game in more detail-rich areas, such as locations littered with NPCs in the packed Parisian streets."

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imt5582373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Let's see :

-Game is technical mess on all platforms, weak optimization on consoles ( especially on PS4 )
-Slightly better performance on Xbone
-900p and lot's of pop-up
-micro transactions in game
-chests need app to unlock, but mobile app isn't free
-that parity PR : We decided to lock them at the same specs to avoid all the debates"

I won't buy this game!

Anyway, waiting for Face-Off and how graphics on all platforms hold on.

u got owned2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

How is this game performing better on Xbox One is beyond me.

yarbie10002373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Ubisoft said from the beginning it was CPU bound - and Xbox's CPU is clocked faster.

One thing is for sure - good thing they didn't try to make it 1080P on PS4

MorePowerOfGreen2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Starting to seem like the PS4 version is the worst version. Perhaps a partnership with MSFT and MSFT software innovations. First sites are reporting the PS4 version being worse visually but now on performance. If Eurogamer is saying this, you know they're hiding more in the PS4's defence.

The XB1 version Performs better because put simply, XB1 does some things better.

Just got into it with *Lukas_Japonicus* in the "Assassin's Creed Unity PS4 vs Xbox One Video Comparison: Xbox One Has Sharper Image Qualitity" article when he was damage controlling the article over the same topic.

Can't wait to see remote CPU processing with Azure built into DX12 SDK in 2015, so much of the One's hardware is used elsewhere.

Watched HAlo 5 gameplay last night and my mouth was wide open and stayed that way against my will(The detail and lighting was CGI like in beta)

Ju2373d ago

This has nothing to do with 1080p...seriously...if they run into a 20fps bottleneck - and yet the visually more demanding cutscenes run much faster, there is a problem which sure isn't gpu related.

I believe them, that the XO code if CPU bound has an edge - probably AI? - but if already scaled down to 900p they could have utilized compute much more on the PS4, especially when they saved bandwidth with the lower res.

20fps is unacceptable. Not getting matter how pretty it looks.

darthv722373d ago

I'm holding out for a wii-u version. If ubi is making watchdogs for wii-u and they made black flag for wii-u then i'm really hoping they make unity for wii-u as well.

Or maybe they can make a zombie-u 2.

2373d ago
--Onilink--2373d ago

pretty much what yarbie said, Assasins games have always been very CPU heavy(for some reason), which is why PC ports are particularly bad.

Hopefully they will patch some of the performance woes, but overall, as long as its the same foundation on the anvil engine being so CPU intensive, we might see more of these issues in the future

q8kik2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

For all the people that are saying it because of the cpu the xb1 is performing better .....There's also GPGPU.

And @yarbie1000

"Ubisoft said this and that"

Lol man.... you actually believe what ubi says ?
They've been feeding us lies since this gen started.

GarrusVakarian2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )


"Just got into it with *Lukas_Japonicus* in the "Assassin's Creed Unity PS4 vs Xbox One Video Comparison: Xbox One Has Sharper Image Qualitity" article when he was damage controlling the article over the same topic. "

First of all, it's nice to know I'm on your mind. Secondly, we sure did get into it in that article....and I seem to recall you saying this:

"Lets see how fast Eurogamer comes to the PS4's rescue with lies or more PS4 favorable spin."

Yet this article does the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you said it would and shows the X1 as the best performing version when there are tons of NPCs around. Completely shattering your long-running BS conspiracy theory that DF are pro-Sony and have some sort of agenda against the X1.

You kinda shot yourself in the foot calling me out just now, didn't you? Silly goose. Don't you ever get bored of being proven wrong so much? You must be a sado-masochist.

"The XB1 version Performs better because put simply, XB1 does some things better."

Yep, just like the PS4 version performs better at other parts of the video because, put simply, PS4 does some things better. Cherry-picking praise is fun!

"Can't wait to see remote CPU processing with Azure built into DX12 SDK in 2015, so much of the One's hardware is used elsewhere. "

Lmfao. Do you even know what any of that will actually do for the X1 outside of what what you've been told in tech demos and slideshows from MisterX? Or are they just words that sound nice together in a sentence to you? Here are two words that I think sound nice together: Self-reassurance.

"Watched HAlo 5 gameplay last night and my mouth was wide open and stayed that way against my will(The detail and lighting was CGI like in beta)"

Then you must be easily impressed, because all I saw was 720p, low-res shadows, plain textures, and placeholder Spartan suits. My mouth was firmly shut the entire time.

vishmarx2373d ago

Many previous reports were indicating that the PS4 CPU, depending on the task, was at least equal to (or better) than the XB1 CPU.
The PS4 CPU clock was never officially revealed either.

At most, in the "worst" case scenario, the clock difference is 10% which would never translate in a pure 10% difference in a real world scenario (aka outside of a benchmark).

How do you then explain up to a 25% difference in framerate (20 vs 25)?

At best for Ubi, it looks like sheer technical incompetence & that they would have spent less time to optimize the PS4 version. At worst, it's possible downright sabotaging of the PS4 version which will then be "magically" corrected in a patch that will show up "gasp" after the tech analysis is published and most medias report on "PS4 has the worst version!" (hint: it was also the case for both COD and AC4 last year).
Looks to me like, if it's option 2, their "shackle" on the PS4 worked a little too well (was probably meant to obtain either complete parity or slightly better on XB1 by 1 or 2 fps to be explained away by "CPU offset").



CernaML2373d ago


Dude... being a massive fanboy is one thing but also a total liar? ONE site made a false claim that the X1 version is sharper. Not site(s).

The X1 does things better? Like running into the single digits in the same game?

And I'm sure Halo 5 impressed you greatly...despite it running at 720p... but you are used to that arent ya? ;)

donthate2373d ago Show
aceitman2373d ago

@donthate why would u say ps4 gamers have no games to play , how would u like if someone says u only have halo ce to play until halo5 comes out because as far as its known there are no exclusive games coming ti x1 till fall 2015 ps4 has lbp then we have bloodbourne ,the order 1886 , planetside 2 , tomorrow's children, in the next couple months

FarEastOrient2373d ago

You should see this on PC, it's buggy to hell too.

BallsEye2372d ago

Because you know nothing about how these things work. PS4 has a bottleneck. It's not all about GPU power. Just bought a Titan GPU (A DAMN TITAN!!!)recently for my wife so she can play ESO and Itotally forgot she's still on intel i3 CPU. Since almost all MMOs are CPU bound she was getting 30 FPS at best. Upgraded CPU to i7 and BAM! Over 100 FPS and higher graphic settings possible. You guys just get fooled to easily by PR talk. You'll see article about GDDR5 ps4 RAM and everyone here will chant about how RAM is most important. Then GPU article pops up and every armchair dev is preaching how GDDr5 and GPU is all you need. Every little component counts and needs to be extremely well ballanced.

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MRMagoo1232373d ago

I knew the game would be horse poo after the going for parity BS started and cancelled my preorder, this just confirms I made the right decision thankfully.

Any site giving this turd of a game higher than a 7 should be closed down, they are obviously being paid for.

bleedsoe9mm2373d ago

you finished it already impressively fast

MRMagoo1232373d ago


Finished it ? have all the reviewers finished it as well, If I had wanted to finish it or even start to play it I could have been playing a friends version 2 weeks back. Go troll elsewhere

GarrusVakarian2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Holy shit! How the HELL did they think that shipping a game that runs in the low-mid 20's was acceptable?

Ubisoft have fallen to a new low. I'm speechless.

Genuine-User2373d ago

I've played every single AC game, Unity will be the first (hopefully last) AC game that I won't buy.

GundalfDeGrej2373d ago

They're going for the full silky smooth 24 fps cinematic experience of course!

-Foxtrot2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Each gen a publisher or two end up going to shit

Activision/EA when making the jump to the PS2/Gamecube

Capcom/Square Enix when making the jump to the 360/PS3/Wii

Now Ubisoft with the PS4/Wii U/Xbox One

They end up getting too greedy and big headed.

I usually end up getting the collectors edition, you know the big one from the UPlay store which is over £100....but no way, not this time.


Hopefully that big CE will go down in price.

Malphite2373d ago

This game is a mess. Why the hell wouldn't they reduce the npc count to make it playable if they can't optimize it enough to make it run at a locked 30fps on consoles is beyond me.

Is it really more important to have hundreds of npcs than a playable framerate Ubisoft? Are you kidding me?

I'll wait for some PC benchmarks before finally deciding wether 'll buy this game or not but from what I've read the PC version suffers from the same issues as the consoles counterparts.

bleedsoe9mm2373d ago

did you play gta v on ps3

GarrusVakarian2373d ago


....Yes? I'm sorry, how is that relevant?

Are you trying to say that the framerate of AC:U, a current-gen game, is acceptable, because a game made for 8-year-old hardware also dipped frames?

Because if you are, that would be some pretty far-fetched logic.

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TheWatercooler2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Looks like Xbone took the priority here. I won't be buying this either. First time I haven't bought and ac game.

I won't stand for this parity bull.

"Quite why PS4 isn't rendering at a higher resolution is certainly a bit of a puzzler"

Indeed. PS4 is capable of more. Why didn't ubisoft take advantage Of PS4's gpu compute units? Parity. Plain and simple

ainTgoTTime2bleed2373d ago

Agreed, but what would you expect from these devs that are in bed with Micro, same thing will happen to the witcher 3 mark this post!...I said it before and I'll say it again, if you want to see the ps4 truly shine you need to wait for great studios like ND, etc...not from any 3rd party studios;)

Ju2373d ago

It doesn't make sense...well...there is a relation between CPU bandwidth and GPU thru-put. The more bandwidth the CPU needs the more it takes away from the GPU. This could be a reason why that's the case. Higher resolution is primarily a bandwidth issue.

Simply put, Ubi's engine burdens the CPU too much and stalls the GPU - I'd like to see a GPU profiler. I'm taking a bet it'll be idling around most of the time. Why this is, is another question. I rather believe it is time if anything. Given more time, those bottlenecks could probably have been addressed by balancing the bandwidth more towards the GPU. Unfortunately, I doubt Ubi will spend much time post launch to optimize/patch this thing..

Svinya2373d ago

Oh no! You won't buy it! The horror!

Get real, who cares about what you do or don't do?

Findingcrybabies2373d ago

Anybody who is open to buying any Ubisoft game is an idiot. You literally have to have ZERO standards to buy anything with their name on the box. After AC3 I said never again. I got to laugh and laugh and laugh at all the watchdogs RAGE. It felt good finally being on the outside looking in. Just like it feels good right now. I'll never buy any game ever again that says "Ubisoft" on the box. They are a terrible and half assed dev.

starchild2373d ago

Why? The game runs fine on my PC and is easily one of the best looking games I've ever seen on any platform. I knew I wasn't going to get 60fps once I saw what it was doing, but it runs fine and I just cap it at 30fps. The game itself is awesome so far.

So, again, why should I avoid games that I enjoy just because fanboys are raging and making yet another mountain out of a molehill?

Findingcrybabies2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

@ starchild fanboy? I used to love AC games...I bought all of them until AC3. The quality of their games on top of the yearly release cycle is what turned me on them. Look at all their recent games..especially if you play online. Are they good and complete games? Or are they rage inducing for people and time after time they are broken and need 53 patches to fix and they just stop cuz the next game is about to come out. No standards as a dev or a company. They are terrible. Just type in "game breaking watchdogs glitch" a glitch that actually erased all your stuff and locked you there like u were level had to completely restart the game. WTF? If I say a company is bad its because they're bad not because I am a fanboy or anyting else.

As a PC gamer you think graphics parody is ok? If you want to spend your money with them then knock yourself out. What I said is true though. I hope you enjoy your game though.

Rimgal2373d ago

"chests need app to unlock, but app isn't free"

WTF. Is that true? Tell me that's a joke

MasterCornholio2373d ago

Nope it isn't.

What stinks was the companion app for black flag was free. Then they go and do this with Unity.......

GarrusVakarian2373d ago

Like I said, they've reached a new low.

And to think, they used to be one of my favourite devs...

Malphite2373d ago

WTF indeed. Just don't screw up Far Cry 4 Ubisoft!

TFJWM2373d ago

The app is free but you can't really use it since UPlay wont connect to consoles atm...

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matrixman922373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

the app is free dude. Literally nothing that unlocks in game stuff is behind the pay wall

Svinya2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Imt558 -

If you're not buying the game, then why do you care about the face off?? Oh right, to stealth troll the xbox versions like usual.. Gotcha.

2373d ago
Blaze9292372d ago

so lemme get this right...because it performs better on Xbox One - people think this was some intentional, MS + Ubisoft business conspiracy to purposely make the PS4 version crap?

Yeah, that makes sense.

reaperofsouls2372d ago

Boths system are running sub 30fps and both are dropping bellow 25fps, this ubisoft isn't exceptable for a $60 game.

Shadow of mordor > Assasin's greed

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Vegamyster2373d ago

What a mess, should have been delayed and refined.

Deividas2373d ago

AMD card owners like myself have it the worst. I have MSI R9 280X in Crossfire and I get about 28fps on average on medium-high settings. And runs better on 1080p over 900p and below. I dont know what the hell they are doing over there at Ubisoft.

Cyb3r2373d ago

I hope Ubisoft gets this game fixed by Friday for once having a game released later in the UK might be a good thing

Rick_Ross_Boss2373d ago

I hate this generation. It is by far the worst I can think off, nothing but problems.

Xavior_Reigns2373d ago

Can't really blame publishers for taking advantage of consumers, we're the ones who gave them the go ahead. Now its our turn to give them the bird in response, sadly too many have accepted these piss poor methods.

KingTrash2373d ago

Nothing but bitching from people like you. That's what is defining this gen.

Rick_Ross_Boss2372d ago

And its little coporate kiss-asses like you who just stand for it.

Kemosabe2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

To hell with this game, just going to get dragon age.

Findingcrybabies2373d ago

I'm excited for it too...preorder is in. I loved ME3's multiplayer so I can't wait to try DA: I's

windblowsagain2373d ago

Dragon age so I've heard is the much better game.

MasterCornholio2373d ago

I need to see a few more reviews but I have a really good idea on what I'm going to get.

1. Dragon Age
3. Aliens Isolation.

Openworld fantasy RPG.
Openworld modern crime game
Survival horror that sticks true to the franchise.