Assassin's Creed Unity PS4 vs Xbox One Video Comparison: Xbox One Has Sharper Image Quality

The differences will be hard to spot when the two versions are running side by side, as depicted in the video below, but it is evident when the two versions are compared via static images.

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Muerte24942347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

They forget that xbox one has an sharpening filter

Hyper_Tension1402347d ago


It used to, but they have removed it around the lunch of titanfall.

The only thing the sharpening filter did was cause jaggies to be more noticeable and made the image look more like sub hd because of it.

guitarded772347d ago

GamingBolt needs a sharpening filter on their opening video logo. That hurt my eyes.

Kavorklestein2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

To all those saying the video is null and void because it's youtube, don't forget, that BOTH of these vids are being displayed through the Youtube player... so your argument that is the player's fault is vapor. If there was more detail to show on the PS4 version, it would show. (Albeit at the mercy of the player's ability to render the detail)

So basically, if both videos are being shown using the same capture device, media player, compression rate, and resolution- it would STILL carry over to this comparison in these "low quality" video players ... just at a lower level of detail for both videos being compared.

It is, however, uncertain if the creator of this video is using tit-for-tat Exact neutral and balanced capture methods, compression resolution, etc.. etc.. but if it is a honest capture, then the graphics ARE indeed a tiny bit sharper on XB1. That or the videos are swapped to fool viewers.
I wouldn't put it past most gaming journalism site to tamper and be dishonest tho.

The same rule of thumb applies to ALL graphical comparisons to be honest, and unless we can PROVE that a genuinely un-biased comparison is being made, than we could ALL be played for fools.
Anyway- who really cares THAT much about more detailed emblems on a horse carraige?

Just enjoy your games people! Stop worrying so much about 3% more image quality.

dantesparda2346d ago

Its sad just how dishonest and dumb both Gamingdolts and the Ms fanboys can be. They both know that there is nothing in that video that shows that the X1 version has better image quality. Yet because of their pathetic fanboyism, they wanna pretend like there is. Gamingdolt should be ashame of itself, either its that dumb or that full of sh*t. DF has already said that image quality is the same on both. The X1 has a slightly better framerate while running around but the PS4 has a slightly better framerate during the cutscenes and quite possibly during the fighting scenes too and the framerates seem to dip less on the PS4 version towards the edn of the video. But both are a disgrace frameratewise. Whats even sadder is how complacent and ok with the MS fanboys have become with sub-HD resolutions like 900p and sub-30fps framerates.

Also while its true that the sharpening filter was toned down during the Titanfall update, it wasn't 100% completely eliminated (just like how they still haven't fixed the black crush problem).

fr0sty2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Game comes out on PS4 with more than 600,000 pixels per frame resolution difference over the XO version...

XO Fanboys: "Who cares, it's all about gameplay. You can't tell the difference in that extra 180p anyway unless you have a TV the size of my house."

Article comes out saying that a game that was purposely gimped to run at the EXACT SAME RESOLUTION as the XO version is sharper on the XO version (which is an oxymoron in itself when you consider that resolution is what gives the image its clarity, and they both are the exact same resolution)...

XO Fanboys: "It's way sharper! Devs cut back due to PS4's CPU being weaker (which it isn't, that was debunked long ago)."

(again ignoring the fact that CPU bottlenecking will not be helped by reducing the number of pixels the GPU is drawing per frame.)

Make someone look long enough for something they really want to see, and they will find it regardless of it is really there or not.

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GarrusVakarian2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

How the hell has Gamingbolt survived on this site for this long? Seriously, I've never seen such shoddy, lazy videogame "journalism" in my entire life.

You're pausing YOUTUBE videos and making comparisons from the images? Are you kidding me? Even at 1080p, YouTube compresses the hell out of their videos. Making any claims about a game's IQ based on YouTube captures is beyond amateurish. You would need direct-feed PNG's for a fair comparison, you know, like what Digital Foundry uses?

This is an image of Driveclub, the left image is taken from direct-feed gameplay from a Gamersyde, and the other two are taken from 1080p YouTube footage, and 1080p IG-player footage:

Bonus GIF:

Between this article, and the "PS4 has no framerate issues" article (when it clearly DOES have framerate issues), and the countless other garbage reports, they should be embarrassed. Not to mentioned banned.

xHeavYx2347d ago

Click on the name of the website
" Story quality? WTF" "Like the website? No"

MorePowerOfGreen2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Despite your damage control outburst, that's beyond the point. It's clear the devs had to cut things back because of the CPU issue and since the PS4's CPU is slower, among other things, the PS4 version suffered the most. What makes a console capable, is more than simply counting pixels(GPU parts)

This game is very advanced with scale and AI never done. The game is hardware taxing.

Lets see how fast Eurogamer comes to the PS4's rescue with lies or more PS4 favorable spin.

It will be interesting to see XB1 2015 SDK builds and the use of them in games by 1st and 3rd party devs.


Oh and I hate Gamingbolt with a passion but the rest of gaming media has been no different.

Oh and I was making a comment on reasons why not trying to prove it one way or the other i can see with my own eyes what looks better not here fighting hardened PS4 fanboys over what my eyes already know. DX12 will pull XB1 ahead and many other things vs resolution.

GarrusVakarian2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )


Hey buddy! Long time no see! Haha.

"Despite your damage control outburst,"

No damage control done here, just calling out a crappy site for their crappy tech comparisons. It has nothing to do with the fact they're saying the X1 versions looks sharper than the PS4 version.

^^^ Would you class this as damage control, too? I could have just not said anything, but I spoke out against them, despite the fact they were showing the PS4 is a POSITIVE light.

But yeah...dat damage control bruh!

"It's clear the devs had to cut things back because of the CPU issue and since the PS4's CPU is slower, among other things, the PS4 version suffered the most."

Where's your evidence that the PS4 version has suffered the most? One look at the OT for this game over at NeoGAF and you'll see that both the X1 version and the PS4 version suffer from terrible pop-in and framerate drops. Jeez, after all this time you still deal in baseless, empty, accusations?

"Lets see how fast Eurogamer comes to the PS4's rescue with lies or more PS4 favorable spin. "

Haha, oh, now I get it. Gamingbolt = GOOD...but Digital Foundry = BAD, right? Why doesn't that surprise me one bit? You favour the site that uses compressed YouTube stills over the site that does professional, in-depth analysis articles purely because the former favours your console. I mean, I guess it has nothing to do with the fact that the PS4 is simply more powerful, no, it's ALL Eurogamers fault. Because reporting the facts as they appear = biased, right? *Rolls eyes* You're unbelievable.

"It will be interesting to see XB1 2015 SDK builds and the use of them in games by 1st and 3rd party devs."

Haha, the classic: "can't wait to see *insert magic sauce and date other than the present here*" comment. You really need some new material.

Edit 2:

"over what my eyes already know"

Then why are you still here, posting the same old self-reassurance comments that you've been doing for literally years on this site across multiple accounts? Your comments don't match your actions, hombre.

"DX12 will pull XB1 ahead and many other things vs resolution."

Whatever you say! Lol.

Hyper_Tension1402347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )


Holy Sh*t!.........this is your worst one yet now Im sure your one of misterx followers.

You call Eurogamer/digital foundary liers, okay so all of those victories the xbox 360 had over ps3 last gen were lies too huh?

Even with evidence that the ps4 is the better machine this time you somehow think the xbone is more capable, why? I don't get it.

As always Ill wait for DF analysis, I wouldnt be suprised if the ps4 wins again as it should be because it has "better hardware".

Bathyj2347d ago

So Power of Green believes the accuracy of youtube screen captures from Gamingbolt over an actual in depth analyst from Digital Foundry if it paints the Xbone in a prettier light?

Credibility LOST.

Stop talking PoG, youre hurting your side more than helping it.

illAmpRefugee2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

@ more power of green the ac unity vid looks the same to me btw im sure sony has there own version of dx12 why wouldnt they it a common sence funtionalitty for gaming. and bro all i got 2 say is look at the parity of games like tomb raider, dragon age, etc its clear 2 see the ps4 has an edge with its hardware cus these r multiplats tht could look even but they dont. idk maybe im wrong maybe its harder 2 make games 4 x1 and devs r still figuring out how to utilize it maybe thts why thers parity in some multiplats to this point . Who knows

noctis_lumia2346d ago

and you think dx12 will make multi gmaes better on xbo than ps4 ? well hello sony also working on somethin ICE say hi

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TheWatercooler2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

There are a handful of sites on N4G that qualify as the worst. Gamingbolt is definitely near the top

Chris122347d ago

Kind of ironic that the same could be said for some posters who troll every article of the console they don't support, eh, thewatercooler.

MRMagoo1232347d ago

This site is always making up junk as usual, I am just glad I cancelled my pre order on this game the day the devs said they went for parity to avoid debate and stuff. Turns out they must have gone for lower than 30fps to avoid debate and stuff as well. I feel I dodged a bullet not getting this game.

thats not ironic at all chris12.

OB1Biker2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Lol I knew straightaway it was gamingbot just reading the headline. Suprised these clowns don't say xbone has 'sharper colours' ;)
Not clicking even checking that site no way

joab7772347d ago

Someone got paid b/c Unity doesn't look near as good as Black Flag on PS4. Kinda sad.

Christopher2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Excellent analysis! Amazing! Best out there!


mark3214uk2346d ago

i could not see any difference?

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tinynuggins2347d ago

Yeah, i don't see the difference.

Volkama2347d ago

Are you blind or just ignorant?!!! The Xbox version has subtitles.

AKissFromDaddy2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Lol, I'm dead. Too funny Volkama.

Volkama2347d ago

Whups. Was not intended to be fatal lol

nicksetzer12347d ago

Honestly, it doesn't matter as better graphics aren't going to make this game a better game. I have been pretty disappointed in it, black flag was better.

micx2347d ago

Ubisoft cannot into character models.

XboxDD2347d ago

I'll be honest and admit I don't see much of a difference.

Mikelarry2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

What difference does it make oh my polished turd looks better than your polished turd

WildArmed2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Question: Does my polished turd smell better than your polished turd?

If not, then it doesn't make a difference.