Halo: The Master Chief Collection Ranks Explained

"343 Studios has revealed that each playlist in Halo: The Master Chief Collection will use a skill-based ranking system identical to the leveling system from Halo 2. If you never played Halo 2 then you’ll be in for a treat as this ranking system is totally different from the one adopted by Call of Duty. To put it simply, when you win a game you gain experience, however losing a game will result in experience being taken away." -

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codyodiodi1531d ago

I'm really looking forward to this ranking system being brought back. I feel like Halo 2 got matchmaking right just before Call of Duty ruined it.

mhunterjr1531d ago

I'm not sure why you got the disagrees. Halo 2s skilled based ranking system rewarded winning and team work. A high rank was testiment to your skill.

Then COD came along, and rank just depicted how much xp you've earned...

codyodiodi1531d ago

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I feel the same way you do, which is probably why I never really got into CoD the same way I did Halo 2.

JasonBloodbourne1530d ago

For me halo 2's ranking system was always the best, plus it'd put you in games with players 10 levels above or below you which was fair as well. Great times.

traumadisaster1531d ago

Oh yea, got to pre order that b tonight. I swear if my disc drive acts up again I'll be pissed. Anyone hear if it's coming to pc?

codyodiodi1531d ago

I haven't heard news of either, so I would assume it's not coming to PC since Halo 2 Vista was the last Halo game for PC.

DougLord1531d ago

Every Sony fanboy on N4g claims it's coming to PC. And it might - in 2016.

gangsta_red1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I think the PC community would benefit from having a great collection like this for PC.

And MS has a new dedication to providing games for the PC, why not this?

Even though I think a lot of PC gamers have moved on from FPS type of games and maybe might not be as interested with this as a lot of us console gamers are.

"But how would releasing it to pc help Microsoft's xbox situation."

I don't really understand this question?

Releasing it would only increase sales that would make MS and 343 studios more money. More money means helping MS, more money for MS means more money to put back into the Xbox. More money back into the Xbox means great games and times for us Xbox users.

mhunterjr1531d ago

But how would releasing it to pc help Microsoft's xbox situation.

codyodiodi1531d ago

I feel like it'd be far too much work to port 4 games over to PC. None of the games in The Master Chief Collection were ever on PC.

...Just to clarify, Halo: CE Anniversary was console only, Halo 2 Anniversary was console only, Halo 3 and Halo 4 were also (obviously) console only.

I just feel like the effort wouldn't be worth it for Microsoft. I love PC gaming and I wouldn't buy The Master Chief Collection for PC if it was released. The only plus side to PC was the ability to mod the game, with Forge most of what I'd want to do is already there and it's in a nicer package.

Mister_Audrey1531d ago

Good, no more of these meaningless experience based systems for kids.

Roccetarius1531d ago

codyodiodi, even if it was only for the modding, that's more worth it than keeping it in a walled garden. Not to mention the PC is like the home for FPS gaming.