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Neil writes "Whether you’re a fan or not, there’s no debating that Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is a proper Call of Duty title, but has the advancement into the future paid off?"

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SwamiOnTheMountain1532d ago

I think there's lots of debate on that. Isn't there?

ThatOneGuyThere1532d ago

its the best COD title ive played since WaW. Its pretty great. SO MUCH TO UNLOCK, and all of it is pretty cool. That Uplink game mode is a blast to play.

scark921531d ago

Its funny how the future installments after WAW as you said ,somehow does not compare with the WAW and COD4 etc... Games moving forward are supposed to better am I wrong xD

ThatOneGuyThere1531d ago

BLOPS2 was really great, but flawed. WaW, IMO, brought a lot of fun changes to the title. (Zombies mode, dismemberment, more open maps) Also, the kill streaks werent crazy stupid. Attack dogs were annoying at first, but once you figured it out, it just turned into a dog murder bonus game. MW2, MW3, and BLOPS1 were terrible for me. But thats just my opinion.

scark921531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Well COD4 will always be my favourite, I do miss the gore from WAW :(

BattleAxe1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

CoD4 and WaW were the best two games in the series IMO, but I was also a big fan of MW2. Black Ops wasn't bad, but after that, Call of Duty turned into a total mega run and gun twitch shooter.

I hear people say how fast this new game is, and how good that is, but to me, it has ruined the game franchise. Advanced Warfare is essentially Halo on steroids. CoD has pretty much lost it's identity.

The funny thing is that Halo5 has sprint and ADS, while CoD now has double jump. Destiny, Halo, CoD, and Titanfall are all pretty close to being the same thing. CoD has pretty much lost it's identity.

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spike1532d ago

Good game. Maybe even Game Of The Year.

oKidUKo1531d ago

Not overly convinced on the co op but the rest seems solid so far.

LOGICWINS1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Never bought a COD game in my life, but the positive reception for this one brought me over the fence.

The campaign is incredible! The situation constantly changes to keep the gunplay from becoming repetitive. The writing/acting is top notch as well. I'm not even half way through it and I already feel like I got my moneys worth. Its THAT good.

Havent jumped in the real MP, but the CRP is really fun. Its nice to be able to learn the flow of the game without feeling pressured.

Def putting more hours in when I get back from work. Been thinking about playing it all day lol.

ThatOneGuyThere1531d ago

its really fun! im on a stealth mission right now, and im not really a fan of stealth missions. I'm going to try to power through it tonight.

LOGICWINS1531d ago

I dnt think im up to that one yet. But yeah, the games awesome! I was expecting the campaign to be much shorter given that COD campaigns are known for being short but its looks like its really lengthy.

I initially assumed that the raid on Irons' estate was the last mission since the game couldnt POSSIBLY get more awesome, turns out thats just the middle of the game. Thats where Im up to now. :)

Jazz41081531d ago

I might be one of the few that plays cod for its campaign only but I must say I really enjoyed this one. Well done and I will keep it.