Assassin's Creed Unity Looks Great Running At Max Settings On PC, Shows No Downgrade

GearNuke: "Assassin's Creed Unity PC version looks absolutely beautiful. No signs of any downgrade compared to the console version."

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vishmarx1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

why couldnt the heading be "Assassin's Creed Unity Looks Great Running At Max Settings On PC"?

Shows No Downgrade? which is apparently there in the console version? click bait much?

you judged that by 4 screens that are hardly any varied ?
yeah wait till they release scenes with grown up arno in crowd.
(few nps can been seen though , look at the faces
comparison with ubishot npc

more importantly wait for digital foundry before blatantly stating the pc version is the same as the first trailer.

also fyi a 780 ,i7 2700k is having trouble staying at 30fps with vsynch OFF.

1533d ago
gangsta_red1533d ago

"wait for digital foundry"

Yes, lets all just wait to be told which one is which and what looks better on what system.

Seems to be a common theme with all these resolution/framerate debates.

purp13m0nk3y1533d ago

There is good reason.

Digital foundry performance analysis is at least accurate and unbiased. Rather than some random saying, version A looks great vs version B that has Downgrade.

Sure their analysis tend to be over critical at times, especially on framerate where a game running between 50-60fps is suddenly completely unacceptable lol.

But they at least back up their opinions with cold hard facts. The fan bois hate digital foundry because the facts almost never mirror their delusional rantings.

starchild1533d ago

I don't need Digital Foundry, I know enough about graphics tech to see for myself that the game looks equally as good as it ever did. Even the console versions look pretty much the same and are not missing any graphical features seen in the original video. The PC version does, however, feature exclusive graphical features not found in the console versions.

The quoted performance is cranking up all the settings to the max--tessellation, TXAA, HBAO+, PCSS (contact hardening shadows), and all the other settings. Anybody with a brain knows that it's going to super demanding with all those settings cranked to max.

TedCruzsTaint1533d ago


The delicious, delicious salt.

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Qrphe1533d ago

>shows no downgrade

Just like Watch Dogs even after all those hidden debug settings were enabled? Probably

TheOpenWorlder1533d ago

It's definitely downgraded. I'm one PC gamer NOT in denial

TedCruzsTaint1533d ago

And one on a crusade against Ubisoft, ever since your "review" of Watchdogs, Ali . . .

TheOpenWorlder1533d ago

Oh this jokester. Man go write on Durrooo or whatever the shit it is that no one knows. Stop being anal hurt about other writers in the process princess

TedCruzsTaint1533d ago

I will.
And I'll enjoy the ever-growing viewer base that we've been enjoying.
You have fun writing phony reviews for WCCFtech (an otherwise proper site) and being a virtual ghost otherwise, Ali.

yewles11533d ago

Downgrades AND backtracked claims (going from 10,000 NPC's to "possibly" 5,000? LOL)...

Plagasx1533d ago

I just hope I can get 60fps 1080p with my 770 is all I'm asking...

starchild1533d ago

I have the same graphics card, but I know for a fact I won't get 60fps in this game at maxed settings. I can't even get a solid 60fps in games like Shadow of Mordor and that doesn't look nearly as good as Unity. I also know that I won't get 60fps in The Witcher 3. These games are packing some cutting edge visuals and I think it's important to keep our expectations reasonable.

TedCruzsTaint1533d ago

Planning on running SLI 970's for when Witcher 3 releases, luckily.