NFC Figures Aren't Going Anywhere

Technology Tell writes, "Another interesting element is just how invested people already are in these figures. Skylanders are already collectible and sell for astonishing amounts on eBay. People are going to want to use the figures they’ve spent so much money on for as long as reasonably possible. I’m also willing to bet that their shelves are looking cooler and cooler as more of these figures role out."

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ritsuka6661527d ago

Some of them look great quality and others look terrible/cheap. Really disappointing.

wonderfulmonkeyman1527d ago

The looks aren't as important as the functionality.

wonderfulmonkeyman1527d ago

At first I thought the title was being used in the negative sense, but after reading, it's the opposite.
The author feels that NFC figures have staying power and that they'll be a part of gaming for a while yet.

I gotta agree with that; for better or worse, they're gonna be popular, and depending on how they're handled, they could also be a great way of introducing much more free content to users to make the purchases of their games and the figures associated with them feel even more rewarding.
They're already doing this by allowing Amiibos to unlock content in various different games with just the one-time purchase of the figures, actually.
I hope we see Nintendo continue that trend; getting tons of extra content across many games, just for purchasing one little figurine is an awesome bonus.