Three Million for Metal Gear Solid 4

June 26, 2008 - With Metal Gear Solid 4 confirmed at half a million sales in Japan and one million in Europe, the big question is, just how many copies has the game sold overall. While we don't have sales figures just yet, we do know the game's shipped number: three million.

Famitsu.com, in its coverage from a Sony investor meeting in Tokyo today, reported that the game has topped this milestone in worldwide shipped units. Speaking at the meeting, Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai also noted that the game helped shift hardware.

butterfinger5578d ago

is a pretty impressive number even in shipped units. This game really deserves all the recognition it gets.

hack64645578d ago

Very impressive indeed. GOTY for sure.

r2kcipher5578d ago (Edited 5578d ago )

if mgs4 is not GOTY then what is? i hope u dont think gta4 deserves it.

butterfinger5578d ago

then you clearly haven't played it. I suggest people that don't own a PS3 or this game not really comment on how good or bad it is.

mistertwoturbo5578d ago

"Impressive yes.. GOTY??? You have got to be kidding."

Well of course he's kidding. We all know MGS4 is Game of the Universe

The Wood5578d ago

Game Of Time

What are the real contenders so far honestly??

gaffyh5578d ago

3 million is very nice, I would definitely say GOTY, but seen as Gears of War 2 is coming out later on this year...I expect people will have forgotten abou the greatness of this game by then :(

Doctor Strange5578d ago

I don't think anybody going to forget how good MGS4 is anytime soon. Definitely GOTY material.

MADGameR5578d ago

3 Million in just 2 weeks! I'm sure Hideo Kojima is very pleased with the results, especially in just a short amount of time. MGS4 accomplished in 2 weeks what took Motorstorm a year+ to do.

thereapersson5577d ago

but we're only in June, for crying out loud. We haven't seen what other games have to offer, so calling MGS4 GOTY is a bit premature. It sure has a good chance, however, and i'm interested to see what the NPD data shows. I would say that 3 million is not far off from accurate.

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wolfehound225578d ago

This game defiantly deserves it. I'm guessing close if not more than a million sales in the US. Nice to see it getting recognition.

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5578d ago (Edited 5578d ago )

i 9th that!!! er erm... ;-D

@hack6464 ;) your Avatar is GOTY i.e Girl Of The Year;)

juuken5578d ago

...Dammit Ken, you're supposed to say 6th! u_u
Bah, I kid, I kid.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5578d ago

Turn the 9 around!!!;-D I was typing upside down!!!;-D

Shadow Flare5578d ago (Edited 5578d ago )

juuken just view the monitor upside down, it'll still count then ;P

edit: Kuturagi San, great minds think alike haha. I just didn't think of creating the playstation thats all

theKiller5578d ago

expect sale will be solid all this year for MGS4 and will double when there will be a price cut in july or august!!

MGS4 will easily sell 6 million this year!! and will continue to sell well for the next 2 years!!!

juuken5578d ago

*stares at 9 upside down*

It *is* a 6!

Dammit Ken, you tricky nutcase. :P

Just messin' with ya bud. :3

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SL1M DADDY5578d ago

Nice. Very solid release and a great game candidate for GOTY. It gets my vote, that's for sure.

fishd5578d ago (Edited 5578d ago )

Look friend,MGS4 has about 8 hours of cutscene and 12-15 hours of gameplay,wich is longer than most games out there,with replay value that is secont to noe in Single player,and then there is MGO too,so what's your point about the game being short?
and you think mgs and Geow(or any other Action game?) are something similar just cause you shoot in all of them?Is that all you knew about MGS?the different is 10 years later people will be talking about the awesomeness of MGS4,just like they do now about MGS1 after more than ten years,and still there isn't a game to surpass MGS1 except for other MGS games,go out found two MGS fan and let them talk about MGS,any version,they have more than enough thing to talk about for hours and hours,can you say same thing about other action games?and at the end, you didn't played the game so how you judge about it?

badz1495577d ago

there will be no other games which will surpass the experience, details, gameplay and most of all, the story offered in MGS4! - at least not for a very long time! at the time when most devs out there are now not trying hard enough to produce even a decent 'good' game but trying their hardest to squeeze even more money out of your pocket even with 'half-effort' games with lots of bugs and glitches!! MGS4 is truly a rare gem that usually doesn't come very often. you can't ask for more from a game if it's as awesome as MGS4 and I think all who have played the game will agree!

@AAACE5, don't talk MGS4 if you haven't played it and far and for most, don't even try to compare it to GeoW!! do you think that MGS4 has only 5 or 6 hours of gameplay? I completed GeoW without skipping any cutscene roughly around 7 to 8 hours but MGS4 gameplay alone is over 15 hours! simple math will tell you that it's almost twice as long as GeoW even without the cutscenes! so, your point is??

you will never again hear IGN giving 11/10 if possible and what-site-was-it-I-forgot stating that the con for MGS4 is "it ends"! plus many other sites said that MGS4 is the best game ever made! that's how AWESOME MGS4 is and it really and the only game so far that deserve it!

don't even make me start at DVD9 vs BD because that's old news! but about that CliffB stating to talk big and looks more and more like Itagaki these days! MGS4 is passive entertainment? MGS4-like games are on the way out? He should had just stopped at he's not making MGS4-like games. that's it! there's no need for the later 2 points I stated above! there's no need to piss on other games just to promote yours! the truth is, he CAN'T make a MGS4-like games! epic games were always about run&gun! UT franchise are always about run&gun and when the implemented a campaign in UT3, it sucks! the same goes to GeoW which also has a lame story and it only being remembered for it's great graphic and obviously the MP which they're already well known all along!

there's still too much about MGS4 which makes it stand out among other games but I guess I'll jut stop here. I know I can't tell how awesome this game is and you'll only know if you play it yourself!