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Sean Smith: "PES 2015 doesn’t reinvent the wheel completely, but is a noticeable improvement on its predecessor, with some brilliant new inclusions that make it feel more on a par with other sporting peers. Konami have obviously worked their socks off to create a truly wonderful football simulation, that is easy to pick up and play, but will take aeons to master. The PlayStation 4 version looks and sounds incredible, but in a heartening twist for those still stuck in the last gen, give or take for a few slightly more ropey visuals, the gameplay is near-enough intact on the PS3 counterpart we also got to spend some time with. The FOX Engine is only going to get better and better, and competition for shelf space and revenue will get tighter and tighter. Next year Konami should be aiming to set their stall out a little earlier, and show the world their vision of the beautiful game in more timely fashion, because PES 2015 shows them back on the top of their game."

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Wh15ky1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

"PES 2015 doesn’t reinvent the wheel completely, but is a noticeable improvement on its predecessor"

Yet you gave its predecessor 9/10 too.

There's no way I can agree that 2014 was a 9/10. It had some good ideas but they were almost all unfinished.

I'm really sick of reading the same things every year.

3-4-51529d ago

Have PES 2014 for PC and it's awesome.

I'll wait for a price drop but I'm definitely buying this at some point.

Wh15ky1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Downloaded it on PS3 when it was available through plus and got the world cup dlc. Played it alot, liked how they tried to up the difficulty compared to 2013, I liked 2013 alot but it's main problem was being far too easy.

Never played it on pc so don't know how it differs, but 'awesome' is certainly not a word I would use to describe the ps3 version.

Last year they apparently spent alot of their time adapting to the fox engine. According to some comments here this year they have concentrated on gameplay, though I'm pretty sure I've heard that before. If Konami don't have the resources to dedicate to pes then they should skip a year and spend two years developing a complete game.

I'm not a fan of fifa and I very much want pes to be pro evo again but enough of the same excuses every year.

smolinsk1530d ago

This year it is alot better, its like a completely different game, first step for pes to get back to its roots:)

asmith23061530d ago

PES 2013 was back to it's roots, that game was great. 2014 went back on that.

iceman061529d ago

Agree fully. PES 2013 was the best one since 5 or 6. Then, with the engine change, they fell into a bit of a stumble (to say the least). PES 2014 had some good ideas, but it just seemed like they couldn't get the engine to do what they wanted it to. It was clunky and unresponsive...but when it DID work, you could see some signs of things to come.

Wh15ky1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Agree with you both. All they had to do was a few tweaks to make 2013 a bit harder and pes would become pro evo again. 2014 had those tweaks but the new engine obviously caused too many problems.

WA3ER1530d ago

I also accept this score this year because it feels like a different game but next year for a next gen we need a better complete product and i dont mean more license Fifa fans, jajaja

smolinsk1530d ago

Yea but all Konamis energy went into making the gameplay play like in the good old pes days, so yes maybe overall product is lacking in other ways, but the Gameplay is what Made pes famous, and is an was the biggest concern with the game, so for me its totally fine that they used all there energy on the gameplay.

WA3ER1530d ago

Totally agree , they need to understand this when they see good sales and work on the feedback offered for free.. meaning even know why your game sales were good and what to do to make them buy the game again and not ruin what they enjoyed or remove features they liked before to pi$$ them of like they did before.

PES 2015 put a smile on my face reminding me of the old good days of endless fun even with fake names... but now we should aim higher... just look at NBA 2K series and you will know what i mean...

smolinsk1528d ago

Yea but easy does it, baby steps so they don't make all new mistakes.

cfc831530d ago

Liked demo, so pre-ordered. Gave fifa a swerve this time.