The Metropolist: Bayonetta 2 Review

Before its time to get this review underway, can you please get over this being a Wii U exclusive? While many Bayonetta fans want to believe otherwise, the simple truth is that without Nintendo Bayonetta 2 would not exist.

After SEGA got cold feet about publishing the game, Platinum studios were left with a near finished game that no one dared fund. Luckily for everyone, Nintendo saw the game’s potential. On paper, this is a decision that made both sense and no sense in equal measure. With regards to the sense part, Bayonetta 2 filled a gap in the Wii U library and was also an exclusive Nintendo could score on the cheap. With regards to the nonsensical part, it is perhaps the most un-Nintendo game you could have imagined, oozing with over the top violence, bad language and explicit sexual imagery.

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A strong candidate for GOTY