Highlights from BlizzCon 2014

MWEB GameZone writes: "BlizzCon 2014 was packed with news; a brand new first-person, online shooter, the next expansion for StarCraft II, changes to Hearthstone, new info on Heroes of the Storm, and a lot of new details on the WarCraft movie.

Here's the highlights from BlizzCon 2014."

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CongoKyle1534d ago


Sillicur1534d ago

Overwatch made me weak in my knees with joy!

HanCilliers1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I'm so not keen for Overwatch. Warcraft the movie on the other hand...

SonZeRo1534d ago

I watched the Overwatch cinematic trailer a few times, Blizz needs to make animated movies, this stuff is almost Pixar/Disney level. The Orgrim actor was quite funny when he was on stage talking.

Perjoss1533d ago

I think that is the plan, they were talking about how they plan to tell most of the Overwatch story and backstory outside of the game and hinted at much more animated stuff. I predict some form of Overwatch animated series.

Personally I fell in love with the characters, especially Tracer and Winston.

Spore_7771534d ago

Oh, man, the Warcraft movie! I cannot wait!

Sillicur1534d ago

So sad its only coming in 2016, i am excite !