Overwatch Was Revealed and Twitter Lost Its Mind

Twinfinite writes, "When Blizzard announced Overwatch last week at this year’s Blizzcon, there was a mostly positive reaction for the new cartoony, chaotic-looking first-person shooter. Here’s a roundup of Twitter’s reaction to the game."

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nicksetzer11529d ago

Same, really not interested in playing on my PC. Looks like it would lend itself great to consoles though, and the game looks amazing.

KnightRiders1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

These type of games should comes to PS4

GTgamer1529d ago

If you want it on PS4 voice it on twitter to yoshida it could happen since blizzard and Sony have a good relationship.

robtion1529d ago

Anyone know does it have a single player campaign or is it mp only?

Feralkitsune1529d ago

Likely MP only since it's Blizzard.

Bladesfist1529d ago

I can't really see a singleplayer being very valuable in a game like this.

robtion1529d ago

I don't know. I like the artdesign, characters, overall look. If they made a good story to go with it it could work.