Watch An Hour of Assassin's Creed Unity Online Free Roam and Find Out How Co-op Plays

Assassin's Creed Unity coop is quite the spectacle. Check out some free roam parkour gameplay and a coop mission.

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edgarohickman1529d ago

The only reason I am going to buy this game.

Tom871529d ago

CO-OP looks great and fun.

smolinsk1529d ago

Fucking this guys voice, how can anyone listen to him.

moomoo3191529d ago

he has an accent man, the most popular gaming youtubers use annoying fake voices all video but i only see people cursing at Robby, who cant do anything about it.

smolinsk1529d ago

Yes so maybe his stop doing this if everybody is irritated at his voice, its unbearable to get through his videos when you have to listed to that voice, something in the sound an the frequency that fucks it all up, has nothing to do with the accent, everybody has an accent of some sort.

moomoo3191529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )


Yes and everybody has a different voice as well. His channel has over 100k subscribers so obviously "everybody" is not irritated by his voice, just like "Everybody" is not irritated by the voices of PewDiePie, jackscepticeye, etc. However, i find many of his videos to be more mature and informative than the mostly nonsense that is on those aformentioned channels.

smolinsk1529d ago

So there is nothing to do online in co-op

Psychotica1529d ago

Why can't they creat ai bots to co-op with you instead locking single players out of those missions entirely?

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