Assassin's Creed: Unity & Far Cry 4 Less Than £20 On Origin, Trick Required

"Games are fairly expensive as far as luxury items go but there's the chance to save a few quid on Ubisoft's latest open-world titles thanks to Origin."

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SniperControl1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )


If you were in the room with me right now, i would give you a massive kiss!

Both games for £36.81


Bubb up for being helpful.

jini991529d ago

If its from India wont it be with indian language or not?

SniperControl1529d ago

No, India has over 120 different languages (Hindi,Urdu, Punjabi etc). I just dont think Ubi would cater for all or the few.

It will be in english, (english is also a popular language in India & part of the curriculum) besides, you still have to download it using your own origin downloader.

DeadRabbits1529d ago

Good Man Sniper giving people a chance to learn a bit about Indian Linguistics plus a chance to save a few quid!

Who ever said N4G was not educational as well as being full of Flamebait and Clickbait?

chaldo1529d ago

Damn gamecabin site is down -_-

SniperControl1529d ago

Every man and his dog must be trying to get the deal.
Glad i jumped on this morning and got it.

RjK311jR1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

no its not.... the link from here is.... erase and go to directly...or here:

Then on their site use their link to the story and read how to do it.... its easy... but i didn't go through w/ purchase

psvitamanfan1529d ago

Yeah, sorry about that... site has been getting hammered over the last 48 hours, really pushing the server :(

neoandrew1529d ago

It is not legal if you cheated your location, those games will be canceled from your account or your account will be even banned.

chaldo1529d ago

I know people who have done this many times before, and their account/games are still up and running for over a year now.

neoandrew1529d ago

I know people with revoked game and/or banned accounts.
Those prices in India it lower for a reason.

Joydivision391529d ago

Dude you are just a sour puss. Stop being a negative Nancy and enjoy life.