Assassin´s Creed Unity - 900MB Day-One Patch released

Assassin´s Creed Unity received a massive Day-One Patch that is now available, including Changelog.

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Genuine-User1535d ago

Damn. They fixed a lot of things.
I wonder how bad it'll be for people without an Internet connection.

GameSpawn1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

You'll miss out on the community events and coop missions, but there is no telling how much of the game is dependent on these until the game launches and more people complete it.

Judging by Assassin Creed IV (it had community events - white whales and additional chests) you won't be missing much, but again the coop missions are the unknown factor.

If you are referring to people not getting the patch, it may be a glitchy mess, but even people with the crappiest of connections that play offline will surely take the time to download the patch.

Genuine-User1535d ago

After watching a few different streams for this game today, I have come to the conclusion that Ubisoft should have delayed Unity for another few months. Character navigation is buggy, loading times are long, A.I is absolutely crap and the frame rate is all over the place.
As someone that's enjoyed almost every game in the series, unity looks rather disappointing.

thekhurg1535d ago

900MB patch for a 900parity game. Makes sense.

yarbie10001534d ago

Where was the changelog? I must be blind because I couldn't find it

chaldo1535d ago

daaaang. good stuff! :)

PaleMoonDeath1535d ago

That list.. unfinished game at it's best.

If we didn't have the internet, think of how screwed we would be.

2pacalypsenow1535d ago

in the days of dial up most games had to be finished.
Technology doesnt improve everything unfortunatly

PaleMoonDeath1535d ago

True, I'm not all that happy with video-games that need patched to work as promised, I recall MGS4 having no updates at all, until the trophy patch of course, and DMC4 as well, but other than that games usually take a good while to be updated before played.

Miss the good ol' days, put in the disc and go, glitches were rare back then too.

Finalfantasykid1535d ago

I wouldn't say glitches were rare, infact there are lots going all the way back to the Atari 2600, but for the most part they were not game breaking. Now if you play an unpatched game, you will probably be lucky to complete the game without it crashing numerous times or something going horribly wrong (game save corruption etc.)

SnotyTheRocket1535d ago

So, let me get this straight.... They aren't allowed to work on the bugs after it's gone gold? Stop fu*king whining about it. 99% of people who give a shit about Assassins Creed have an internet connection.

madmonkey011535d ago

shouldn't have "gone gold" if it wasn't finished. but this happens more and more.

UnHoly_One1534d ago

Remember how buggy AC3 was at launch? That game was a mess.

Mustang300C20121535d ago

Except anyone with a PS4 or One HAS to have Internet for the system to start. It has only been a year or have you forgot both require the Internet to download a day one patch?

TheWatercooler1535d ago

Except that isn't true. I know someone who bought a PS4 last week who doesn't have an internet connection. He is playing it fine

2pacalypsenow1535d ago

xbox 1 is the only console that you need internet .

when it first turns on it downloads an update that removes the always online thing

Kiwi661535d ago

Guess you and @TheWatercooler forgot about the 308mb day one update for the ps4 its funny how some people have selective memories

yewles11535d ago

Excuse me, but could you please show us where the PS4 day-one patch was needed to play games?

Oh wait, it wasn't...

madmonkey011535d ago

ps4 doesn't need internet

thekhurg1535d ago

Except the PS4 doesn't require internet to play video games out of the box.

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