Is Cloud Strife The Most Popular Of All Final Fantasy 7 Characters?

UM writes: "Final Fantasy is a popular franchise, I doubt that anyone would argue that. Though something comes bundled with every franchise, it’s fan base. The fans of Final Fantasy are very devoted and strong opinionated ones at best. I’ve heard the rants and raves of countless anonymous people on the internet telling other anonymous individuals which game was better, which character was better, and all the reasons why they are right and everyone else is wrong. As if you can’t have your own favorites and have to adhere to what everyone else likes. Funny how so many people will stand up for something they like with blind passion but won’t openly admit it if their reputation is on the line. I’ll give more credence to someone willing to protest for their favorite as long as they’re willing to show themselves in the light rather than hide in the ominous shadows of the internet. I bring all of this up because in March of this year IGN had a poll of the Most Popular Final Fantasy Character of All Time and the winning result was surprising to me. Out of over 150 characters, 2 million votes were cast and Cloud, from Final Fantasy VII, was crowned king.

I know that FFVII is one of the more popular releases for the franchise, but something seems skewed when you look at the results; half of the top 10 characters are from FFVII. So the big question is this – do you agree with Cloud Strife being the most popular character of all time, much less just Final Fantasy VII? I’m personally torn on this topic and here are a few thoughts as to why."

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Irishguy951530d ago

My favorite anyway. Most interesting backstory imo and a likable personality, in the actual game anyhow. Not counting the movies/side stories etc

NovusTerminus1530d ago

To be fair...
He did kind of find out that how he was acting, and everything was just someone else's attitude and that he was more or less nothing...

I'd be pretty depressed after that too.

nicklee1530d ago

Sorry pal,

But in FVII Cloud personality & attitude was still his own. He mainly just had a few of Zack's memories and his moves.

Most people confuse Cloud of being depressed or brooding due to movies and spins offs, but he's actually an arrogant jerk. At the begin he only cares about money and himself, but then he went through some character development.

NovusTerminus1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Yeah, I know he was arrogant and selfish. But finding out his memories are not even his own was very traumatic, as one would expect. I know Cloud was not always depressed, but after finding out your memories are wrong, and you have an incurable decease that is eating away at you, and the main capitol of the planet was crushed, partial due to your own hand by handing over the Black Materia (Not willingly, but till)

It is understandable why he had a jarring shift it personality.

TheLyonKing1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I think in terms of popularity he wins. My fav was barret though, he was badass and I hated Cait Sith.

For me my favourite ff all time is Squall but thats influenced on it being my first completion of an FF and I loved his character progression throughout the game and how he changes. Though my favourite scene still is seifer at the end of ff8 fishing with his friends like nothing had ever gone wrong...such a good feeling.

Other note worthy characters for me are Steiner and vivi.

Jonny5isalive1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I love this game, I hate these turnbased RPGs. THis is one of the best games ever tho. I always used cloud, Cid, and Nanaki as my party members.

Nanaki is my favorite videogame character ever I think. Hes a dog that is smarter than all the party members combined and is still jsut a kid.

DarkOcelet1530d ago

Everyone was badass in his own kind. They were all great.

Rimgal1530d ago

It's the most iconic without a doubt. Even those who never played a FF game recognize Cloud Strife.

NukaCola1530d ago

I honestly thought Sepheroth was. But the game has so many memorable characters...

well... Cait Sith, I hope we can all agree to that.

Kurisu1530d ago

I like Cait Sith! So no I don't agree :p

I'd really like to see a Mog mount in FFXIV xD

PaleMoonDeath1530d ago

Bit of a herpaderp, the most popular character in the series period.

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