10 Ridiculously Ambitious Video Games That Failed Horribly

This list takes a look at 10 ridiculously ambitious games that failed horribly. Whether they were masterpieces too ahead of their time to succeed commercially, or just average games that never came close to their ambition, each of these entries were felled by the developers’ lofty ambitions.

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thorstein1532d ago

Multimillion dollar sales, good review scores, plus warm reception by players equals FAIL?

Voted down.

pompombrum1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Warm player reception at first, not so much now. All the people I played with at launch have quit save two who log on once a week to do the nightfall. Six months ago, if there was a poll asking what gamers thought would likely be GOTY, Destiny would have hands down been top of the list. If they done a poll now, I'd honestly be surprised if it made top 5.

That's not to say it's a bad game because it's far from it but lets be honest, it isn't the game many of us were hyped up to believe.

wsoutlaw871531d ago

I wouldnt really call it ambitious just a next gen borderlands with pvp. It would be more ambitious if they included more but as you were saying, people are out of stuff to do. Its a great game, just very lacking.

Palitera1531d ago

When they are swimming in rivers of money, do you really think they care about players' satisfaction? Really?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1532d ago

Destiny didn't fail.

Beyond Two Souls didn't fail.

Shenmue didn't fail.

Tom Butler, YOU FAIL.

GameSpawn1531d ago

Compared to Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls did fail.

I'd like to think that Heavy Rain's success bankrolled Beyond Two Souls so that it didn't have to be as successful.

However on its own the game did fairly well. I enjoyed it, though the story felt lacking a little bit.

thorstein1530d ago

Using that logic, Call of Duty MW2 failed because Black Ops sold more...

GameSpawn1530d ago

I did say that on its own Beyond Two Souls did well.

It cannot be argued however that Heavy Rain was the more successful of the two since Heavy Rain had a stupidly low development cost compared to the money it raked in.

Very Low Investment + Very High Return = Highly Successful

Beyond had a higher cost solely because of two big name actors being attached to the game. Trust me when I say that Page and Defoe did not come cheap -- their salaries for the production were probably a good percentage of the game's development cost (who knows if they tried to get percentage too <-- this is when actors receive of percentage of continued revenue from future releases of what they are in instead of one lump sum).

Rimeskeem1531d ago

They put shenmue on the list.

By definition this is wrong.

Pozzle1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

They didn't say Shenmue's failed because it's a bad game though. It failed because its production costs were so high that the game would have had to be purchased twice by every Dreamcast owner in order for Sega to make a profit.

caseh1531d ago

Yu Suzuki was almost lynched as a result, it's part of the reason he is no longer at Sega.

Rimeskeem1531d ago

Well it didn't not fail horribly

zodiac9091531d ago

How did destiny fail, if 2 months after launch it has 10 million registered users?? Seems a bit like a success regardless of you thinking the game is trash..

captainexplosion1531d ago

Destiny failed because it was supposed to be incredibly ambitious and huge. It was about as far from those two things as possible. It was also supposed to be a major GOTY contender and break sales records.

BiggerBoss1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

It did break sales records though. Biggest launch for a new IP ever.

I feel if Bungie makes all the right moves (hire new writers/creative talent, ditch last gen, etc.) then Destiny 2 could be a major improvement

kodiak404_1531d ago

What is out right now is the base for a game that's meant to last. There's going to more raids, more strikes, more gear, more options, and a ton of more stuff. The game broke sales record, the game has one of the best and friendliest communities I've experienced in years of gaming, and the games just fun. I don't know how anybody can say it failed on any qualitative basis except for their own delusional sense of what it 'should' have been.

GameSpawn1530d ago

There is also this misconception that the $500M Bungie had budgeted was for Destiny was for the Destiny franchise (aka. 3-4 games, content, and advertising as well as startup funds as an independent developer).

I would love to see Bungie's official financial report showing how much they have truly spent on making the first game so far (not the future budget of the franchise) as I bet it was a tenth of the $500M planned for the entire series.

memots1531d ago

Wow people love to hate everything now. The game just came out made it's money back in a few days. Millions of people registered and playing yet people are calling this fail.., just wow

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