Civilization Revolution 2 Now Available for Android

Carl Williams writes, "How many 4X strategy games can you name on the Android platform (or iOS)? Not a lot, I am sure. This is a genre that is sorely lacking in my opinion (almost as bad as old school, first person dungeon crawlers). 2K Games have now added one more 4X strategy title to the extremely short list in Civilization Revolution 2. Those of your reading this that are Civilization fans will already by looking for the Google Play link to purchase this game, for everyone else, read on and find out what is so interesting about this release."

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SactoGamer2511d ago

When did JFK have a pompadour?

triverse2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Artistic freedom.

jmc88882511d ago

Why not on a console? That first one was great... except the multiplayer, which didn't work.

triverse2511d ago

It could be coming to consoles. Just there was no word of it in the information I was given, just discussed the Android version.