Why I Let Go Of My Vita

Max Level: I want to start by saying that the Vita is an amazing piece of hardware with an amazing library of games. With that being said, I can’t say it is for everyone. I’ve noticed that as an adult with a life that doesn’t revolve around games, I have to pick and choose what I want to play. When I look at my Xbox One, 360, or PS3, they look more appealing to me than my Vita did in the beginning. In my opinion, the more intriguing way to play a game is on my television.

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deadpools_n641534d ago

Even though I see the point he's making. My opinion is different in some ways. I think the vita is awesome and I was one of first to gt it. Unfortunately I still play my 3ds more. It's just fact for me and the kiddos. The vita gets limited love. Mainly cause even though it has a decent library and awesome visuals. It comes to all around awesomeness on every level the 3ds just beats it out slightly in every category. I might like it more if I upgraded to a psi but I think it should be able to stand on its own without the help of the master console. I'm not calling it a waste of money or a shit brick. I'm not discouraging anyone from buying it.

Tiqila1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I don't think its fair to say that the 3DS beats the Vita on every level. Here are some aspects I think the Vita does very well.

Graphics, Screen resolution, sharpness and colors are much better than on 3DS.
You have access to PS One, PS2 and PSP games and though the Vitas overall library might not be as impressive as the 3DS', you have a lot of awesome games, like Persona 4 Golden for instance.
The Vitas touchscreen capabilities are much more advanced than those of the 3DS, though not many games integrate them as a core feature (which I am happy about).

I understand that many gamers prefer the 3DS, but to say that it exceeds the Vita in all areas is wrong.

deadpools_n641533d ago

OK I apologize that I overstepped my words. I own a vita. I own a 3ds. In my household between the kids and myself the 3ds gets picked up more than any other system (phones exempt). Even though I am wrong in saying the vita loses in every category. It loses in the one category that the gameboy/3ds has made and perfected. Appeal to the customer and playability on the go in whatever timeframe. The vita may do the same for some people (unfortunately it's an opinion based argument for most). But I know most would hate to admit it but to me the vita is the handheld equivalent of the Sega dreamcast. It's awesome and does all this great shit. Unfortunately it's ahead of its time and pricey to develop for and the fan following is nowhere the level of the 3ds/psp. It sux. I'll admit it. I was happy the day I got it a week after it was released. It's had good and bad games. But it hasn't had enough good to convince the majority 3ds players it's worth the extra money. OK I'll stop babbling and rambling. Just know I wasn't trying to downgrade to awesomeness of the vita. I was just being a Lil realistic but it's situation

3-4-51533d ago

At this point I've already bought it....I"ll only get $100 for trade it anyways.

I might as well ride this out and see what games we do get over the next 1-3 years.

Not as good as the psp for games....NOT EVEN CLOSE, but there are a few gems.

fatalis951534d ago

You let go of it to pick up the charger to play some more?

TheGrimReaper00111533d ago

I'm guessing he let it go, cause he couldn't hold back anymore and slammed the door.

He wont care what we're going to say. Haters never bothered him anyway.

nix1533d ago

i don't think i can let it go that soon... my gaming nowadays happens mostly on Vita. thanks to PS+ free games. and also because most of the games they're giving free are cross-buys. so i'd rather have Vita version because it's gaming on the go.

Tiqila1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Damn free PS+ games. I like them on my Vita, it's just awesome, but they also make my decision to buy an Xbox One first really hard, for I have already a lot of PS4 games which came free with PS+. If there wasn't the Halo MCC it would be an easy decision.

KeeseToast1533d ago

Don't forget Remote-Play!

Tiqila1533d ago

^^ of course, and shareplay! Btw, does anyone know whether I can play my PS One classics with a friend via shareplay?

Joey_Leone1533d ago

I have to agree with him on this one, i sold my Vita because of those reasons as well, when I'm on my break, all i want to do is relax, if i pulled out my Vita, time would fly so fast when i check the clock again it's time to go back to work, i wish the Vita came out in my teen years because this device is truly amazing. Also, i ended up getting a PlayStation TV because i still love the Vita and i want to experience the future of this platform, i just recently picked up Killzone Mercenary (one of the reasons why i got a PSTV) and I'm enjoying it a lot along with my library of PS1 and PSP classics, I'm impressed with how Sony managed to upscale the games to fit into the bigger screens and from what i heard, Sony's going to be doing this for future games as well. Cheers.

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