Fan Attack CoD: Advanced Warfare Dev With Nasty Personal Comment Over Lag Issues, Outrage Justified?

Is this personal comment outrage justified in any way? Developers worked day and night on their game and to bring best possible experience.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1532d ago

Acting like a pretentious @**hole is never justifiable, especially for these whiny turds who have no idea what it's like to create a computer program on a massive scale. Maybe certain games do suck, but that doesn't give someone the right to verbally abuse a developer.

decrypt1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Lol quit defending the turd. Sure its difficult to program a computer game the first time around you make it. However if all you are doing is remaking the same game over and over again over a decade there really is no excuse for screw ups.

We had Dedicated servers in the mid 90's its retarded that Sledgehammer is still not able to tell the full story on Dedicated servers on a game they are releasing in 2014.

This is the very attitude which gets console gamers to take the shaft all the time.

x_RadicalAura_x1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Kinda like how you PC gamers take the shaft with the fragmentation disaster of Steam/Origin/Uplay?

I'm not supporting what the entitled little prick said, but stop with the hasty generalizations. Not all console gamers are like that.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )


I'm not defending the game. I think it's a copy and paste of Ghosts. What I am saying is that no one, including you has the right to verbally abuse someone else just because they've done something we don't agree with. Like most whiny, douchebag, wannabe, armchair, backseat driving, nitwits, who think they know everything but don't know a goddamn thing, "entitled" gamers, they hurl insults at people when their ingnorance and stupidity are called out by someone who actually understands why a game has glitches, bugs, lag and other game related issues. In short, people who make personal attacks are usually projecting their own lack of self worth on others simply because they don't respect anyone. They don't even respect themselves.

If you are one of the millions of people who buy the game every year and it still has the same issues, here's a simple solution to your problem, DON'T BUY IT.

I didn't buy it and I won't again. And i'm sure that i'm not the only person who has stopped buying these annual franchise turds.

DeadRabbits1532d ago

Whoa whoa whoa guys!!!!! Does anyone want a tampon and a shoulder to cry on as its getting very emotional here!

Septic1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Did you not read what that over entitled little kid said to him? You think it's justified because the game doesn't have dedicated servers??

I think it's downright pathetic that COD: AW doesn't have dedicated servers but the way that prat started hurling abuse was not acceptable at all. Acting like a disrespectful little s*** because of this is not acceptable. The kids needs a backhand. At least I hope it's a kid.

Volkama1532d ago

The guy is a dev, so not the right target for rage anyway. The lack of servers almost certainly rests 100% on the moneymen.

donthate1532d ago

I think the anger is justified, but I dont think lashing out is appropriate and will most likely not get your point across.

It just means, I don't want you as a customer anyhow mentality.

I think the best way is to vote with your wallet, so I didn't buy CoD at launch for the first time since MW1.

Dirtnapstor1532d ago

The sad thing is, this is probably how he's talked to. Behavior is usually mirrored.

abstractel1532d ago

Haven't played the MP all that much, I have played it a bit, and the Campaign and weapons/movement in this COD makes this the best COD since the original Modern Warfare.

I dislike Bobby Kotick for a number of reasons, but his statement a while back that sales drive design make sense. If you don't want COD, or don't enjoy it, don't buy it. Why waste your money if you think it's a repeat of every COD before it? This is the first COD I've bought since Modern Warfare (I've played others with friends) because I really liked how they changed it up.

Since most of you generalize your hate, I doubt a lot of you have played MP enough to realize if lag is ruining the game or not.

I know 99% of you haven't read this far down the comment and have pressed disagree/agree already, but yes, I also believe you have the right to an opinion. But it really should be expressed in sales. There should be at least one reviewer you like out there. Wait two days until after launch and you have lots of reviews to go from.

I bought it, I enjoyed it, that's really where it ends for me. If MP is indeed horrible, I will expect less from next year's COD unless it's pointed out. But the campaign was $60 enough for me.

abstractel1532d ago

This is the fan comment for all you who didn't read the article:

"you fucking prick get a wash. your game is utter shit you fucking twat. go die in a hole you bald fucking bastard GG fuck you"

Do any of you (who aren't sociopaths) think this kind of comment is justified when targeted towards an individual?

HammadTheBeast1532d ago

Can't hear you over Uplay and Origin.

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Joey_Leone1532d ago

Why am i not surprised? What I'm more bothered about is the fact that they removed Zombies and turned it into DLC when it used to be free, the game also looks unoriginal and boring. I was around mostly in the cod4 days, looking at what Call of Duty has become is sad.

abstractel1532d ago

I wouldn't make up my mind based on N4G chatter. There's not enough substance to shift through all the noise. Watch videos, watch reviews, watch MP specific reviews if that's what you are after. If the Zombie going DLC is a dealbreaker for you... I don't know what to say. They do have a local split-screen mode against bots, you can also play alone against bots with everything unlocked which I like.

So maybe this year's Zombie mode has way more resources put into it making it both a better experience and worth the extra $. Why don't you wait and see until it's released and read/watch the coverage of what people think who you identify with.

Game developers are people to, they get hurt of course and say stupid shit. When I first started out as an artist, it wasn't fun to hear that my work was shit and I got hurt and sometimes angry. But I matured, hopefully this guy will too. Plenty of people appreciate their work.

joab7771532d ago

Yeah but CoD is notorious for never releasing a beta. Why? Because they can only lose. They know that a beta will never cause anyone to buy the game b/c the brand is gigantic. It will only turn ppl off. It's justified to ask why, after a 3 yr cycle and NO BETA, why there exist so many problems. This is the 7th online game of this IP. There are no excuses with the amount of money that has been made.

And I usually give everyone the benefit of the doubt. But c'mon. And I dont even play it.

ramiuk11532d ago

what are these problems are everyone having?
i havent had any that i have noticed.

also im enjoying it and it feels fun.

Antifan1532d ago

Well, he spent $60 on the copy, then probably spent another $60 on the premium for future DLC (which will probably only be 3 or 4 maps).. plus on top of that, gets piss poor online services. He has ever right to be angry. But what he should do is demand a full refund instead of foul mouthing.

isa_scout1532d ago

I completely agree, but am I the only one that had a problem with what Shofield said? He sounded like a @hole and was just giving fans the run around. I mean what the hell did he mean by a game isn't done until it's finished? No shit Sherlock...and saying, "software is....well we're on it, millions of players equal millions of problems."
People are already pissed off and answers like that will only get people even more riled up. Activision should be in HUGE trouble for false advertising, promoting a game with dedicated servers when in fact it doesn't use dedis is just absolutely low.

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fei-hung1532d ago

The game mostly caters to kids, immature people and sheep who like the same shit over and over again. There hasn't been a COD released in almost a whole decade that hasn't had glitches, bugs and server issues, yet people still buy it again and again.

The developer knows this, the gamers know this, the publishers know this and the game journalists know this. These people are made for each other and neither should expect anything more or less in terms of behaviour, respect, quality etc from one another. It's not like Activisions behaviour is any better!

kupomogli1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

This is the seventh iteration of Call of Duty since Modern Warfare and every year the online is a buggy mess for the first few months despite being one of the best selling games every single year.

The developer states that it's been in developing for three years and they've tested and tested and tested, but it'll be done when it's fixed. It should be done and fixed the day of release, not using the fanbase who paid $60 for the game as beta testers as usual for this yearly franchise.

Dirtnapstor1532d ago

You said AW is a copy and paste of Ghosts!? Not in my book! AW completely blows Ghosts out of the water! MP is really good comparatively speaking. Did you really play Ghosts?

MrCherry1532d ago

Like decrypt said how many years and still no dedicated servers?

Angeljuice1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

People have to remember, they're just computer games (however important they may seem}.
Some of these kids act like you've murdered their families if there's a few bugs in a game at release.

Devs have only been talking to users on social media sites for a relatively short period of time. If you are angry and feel the need to contact them, only do so if you are capable of remaining polite and respectful(its what civilised society requires of us).

What incentive will development staff have to engage their audience on social media if every time they do so they get shouted-down and insulted/threatened by entitled morons who weren't disciplined often enough as kids and as a result have zero empathy or respect for anyone or anything that isn't themselves.

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SCW19821532d ago

What a stupid idea even thinking its justifiable what this guy tweeted. Nothing justifies wanting someone dead when it comes to gaming.

oODEADPOOLOo1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Yay! another COD game lets plunk down $100 for game and seasons pass day 1! Activisions got us covered server wise right guys?

then fanboys surprised be after dev like....

XtraTrstrL1532d ago

That comment definitely isn't justifiable. I'm still curious though about the whole promising Dedicated Servers, then completely copping out on it. People should be able to get a refund for false-advertisement. They know most people don't even touch campaign in COD games, so it makes it that much more unforgivable for such a lie.

SolidGear31532d ago

Actually I've always just played them for the campaign. Except for a few months I was kinda hooked on Black Ops and MW2 MP a few years ago :3

sAVAge_bEaST1532d ago

Game works fine,

(one of the first COD, that doesn't punish you for having a fast connection,, actually.)


48 UL. 8dl. -test

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