(WGB) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review – The Old Dog Has Learned New Tricks

Baden of WGB: "Last years Call of Duty: Ghosts was a low point for the series with a dull campaign and multiplayer that ignored the efforts of Treyarch’s Black Ops II to move the franchise forward. This has left newcomer Sledgehammer Games with the task of cleaning up the mess, and to a large degree they’ve done just so, and in the process painted Infinity Ward, the developer responsible for making Call of Duty a household name, as the weakest of the three teams now tasked with working on the series."

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n4rc1533d ago

Have't learned anything as far as I can see

Same crappy lagfest as the last 4 games.. Dump half a clip into a guy to die instantly time and time again..

Tons of fun.. And so innovative! Lol...

MSBAUSTX1533d ago

Play it on hardcore then instead of regular. More realistic anyway.

n4rc1533d ago

Ya.. Had done that in previous games..

Don't really care.. I expected as much anyways.. Its just kind of funny that all these reviews say how good it is when the online is horrible..

They've learned nothing.. And either have i apparently lol.. I only got it because I talked a coworker into getting a x1 and he wants to play cod, and it got the $15 credit from the ms store for the preorder..

Dudebro901533d ago

Get better internet. Not their fault your connection sucks.

crusf1533d ago

I don't know what internet you have. I haven't lagged at all:D

slappy5081533d ago

Neither have I and I have a measly 3mbps connection speed!

MSBAUSTX1533d ago

Played this game for about 9 hours straight today. The online and local multiplayer is ten times better than Ghosts a 5/5. Exo Survival is not anywhere close to the fun I had playing Extinction at a 3/5. The Single player campaighn is really good and looks really good too at a 4.5/5. Thats an over all 12.5/15 which is an 83/100. It is a very good game but exponentially different than any other COD ever made. Worth buying for sure.

SaveFerris1533d ago

Please fix the title. I'm pretty sure Riley wasn't in the game.