Smash Wii U: Comparing the GameCube Contollers

IGN's Jose Otero unboxes the Wii U's GameCube Controller and its adapter.

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Starbucks_Fan1534d ago

Disappointed this adapter only supports Smash

Metallox1534d ago

I'm a little disappointed they are not making with those clickable sticks and the other Z button to become a standard controller of modern days, so it could be used in other games.

mikeslemonade1533d ago

There was one article I read where they said the GC controller is compatible with all games that would be compatible with the wii U pro controller.

That being said GC controller is overrated. I opted to go with a black WiiU pro controller. And my Bayonetta 2 experience has gotten better although it's still not a 9.1 to me.

3-4-51533d ago

Have 2 GC controllers, + the bundled one, Wii U Game Pad + Pro Controller + Wii U nunchuck/mote..

Can't wait to play this with some friends.

Online is just a bonus for me, I'll be playing a lot of offline with this game.

deadpools_n641533d ago

Even though I've got 4 gc controllers I'm still gonna try to master the game with the pro controller since I use that one every game anyways. But the nostalgia of the gc is hard to pass up

PS4isKing_821533d ago

Next to dual shock, the GameCube controller is the best controller ever made. Aside from the small d-pad and odd shaped buttons, it felt the best in the hand.

Really hope Nintendo makes this for all Wii u games other than smash.

R1CAN6171533d ago

I really think they should also released a Wavebird for the Wii U
For people who don't really wanna deal with wires