Freedom Wars Special Operations Starting November 7th

Starting Friday November 7th, Special Operations will be available for all players in all regions, featuring rare resources and a high difficulty.

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LightDiego1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Freedom Wars looks amazing, sadly i don't have a Vita. I would be happy for a PS4 version, but probably the Vita owners would not like that, lol.

belac091537d ago

this game is seriously friggin amazing! multiplayer is fun as hell, and i love the battles! it is so fun, this and tales of hearts are all im gonna play.

tiffac0081536d ago

I seriously need to get this game on my next pay day ^^;;

TheGrimReaper00111536d ago

That's pretty cool!

Can someone explain the crafting system?
I tried to make so many things already, but not a single weapon I make is worth the effort. I think I'm doing something wrong.