GameEnthus Podcast ep206: COD..We All We Got or Rhythm & Buttons

This week Richard(@RichardNaik) from GameCritics stops by and chats with Tiny(@Tiny415), Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) about: Don’t Die Mr Robot, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, League of Legends, Sunset Overdrive, Lords of Fallen, Evolve Big alpha, Smash Bros. WiiU, Majora’s Mask, Splatoon, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Pikmin movies, Volgarr the Viking, Disney Infinity 2.0, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 360, Lords of the Fallen, Project Spark, SharePlay, Sonic Boom 3DS, Voice Commander, Ring Run Circus, Luigi’s Mansion arcade, Internet Arcade, Nintendo sleep sensor, GameCritics, math alarm clock, Hatred, Exta Life United, Furious 7, Chappie, Divekick, Towerfall, Need for Speed Rivals, NBA 2K15, Elysium, Minecraft, Gang Beasts, The Dude, Mortal Kombat(movie), Short Circuit, Guncatta, League of Legends, FUSE, Kabuki Quantum Fighter, Dru Hill, All4One, Boys II Men, K-CI and Jojo and Toy Story 4 and more.

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