Behold Ubisoft’s Sleek Assassin’s Creed Unity Custom Xbox One and How You Can Win it

During the Assassin’s Creed Unity launch livestream Ubisoft showcased a sleek custom Xbox One skinned to fit the game.

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gangsta_red1534d ago

That is pretty sexy. Say what you want about the X1 being a big black box, but the design made way for a lot of great moderations and variants like the one we see above.

xer01534d ago

It doesn't matter what you stick on it, it'll still be a brick...

1534d ago
ainTgoTTime2bleed1534d ago

lol..this looks like a white

jmetalhead98121534d ago

Funny, because I've never seen a microwave that even looks close to that. Please show a pic of that microwave.

medman1534d ago

That thing looks hideous to me...a matter of personal taste I suppose, but I would take both the black and white xbone before picking up this.

qwerty6761534d ago

daaamm that thing is nice.

microsoft should have done this one instead of cod.

Snookies121534d ago

That is a really nice design. I'm sure whoever wins that, is going to be really happy lol.

2cents1534d ago

I agree.
Maybe that vinyl skins company could make something similar for retail. Ive been thinking about one from here,

They look pretty cool imo.

Also, it's so funny, have you read the comments on the Dualshockers site? I'm so glad that there are xbox players around here. And I thought this place was bad!

rivencleft1533d ago

It's nice, I've always liked the lighter color in consoles, especially the white consoles and controllers. Hell I'd be happy winning ANY Xbox One, it'd look nice right next to my PS4, PS3, Wii U, and 360. I have room for one more console and this would fit there nicely.

blakstarz1534d ago

It looks cool...I like the COD one better though.

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The story is too old to be commented.