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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: What comes to mind when you think of “Halo”? It probably depends on which “Halo” game you’re considering. Each core game of the series ruled its own era, and influenced the entire video game medium in different ways.

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2cents1535d ago

Kerrrr-ching! Another Jackpot.

I can imagine Phil Spencer grinning from ear to ear, right about now.

That's three home runs for Xbox.

Forza Horizon 2
Sunset OD
Halo MCC

Who would have thought it.

Neonridr1535d ago

well anyone who didn't think that this game would get perfect or near perfect scores is deluding themselves to no end.

Just factoring in the amount of content you get for the purchase price is enough to warrant a perfect score for this package. The fact that the games are actually good is an added bonus.

GearSkiN1535d ago

You be crazy for not giving this a perfect score I mean damn look what is offering.

DragonbornZ1535d ago

Yeah all their big exclusives this holiday are being reviewed highly. Sunset, Horizons 2, MCC, & D4
I honestly didn't think Sunset OD would get the high scores it did, I also didn't think i'd have as much fun with it as I am now. Got and enjoying the hell out of Sunset, D4, and got MCC pre downloaded. Looking to get FH2 in a few weeks then Shadow of Mordor and maybe Unity & AW.
Toooo many games to play during the holiday. Thinking about how much time i'll spend with MCC And I still have two 6 page papers to type >.<

aviator1891535d ago

I agree.
Even I was pretty conservative in my expectations for Sunset Overdrive. But consider me pleasantly surprised.

Death1535d ago

I'm waiting for the Microsoft Store near me to get the Sunset Overdrive bundles back in stock. Is the game really that good? The vids I've watched didn't make me giddy with excitement.

TheFanboySlayer1535d ago

D4 isn't a big exclusive. It was just a great game. Look up how it was released.

blackout1535d ago

Great comment. Now all Phill has to do is be consistent. Nice start to the first full year as it approaches.

lifeisgamesok1535d ago

Lol Xbox One games really are amazing

marlinfan101535d ago

And to think only a couple months ago people were saying xbox isnt about games and "TV TV TV!!" Turns out some of the best games of the year are only on xbox :D

TheFanboySlayer1535d ago

Yea Microsoft won this fall lol truly amazing stuff....although they did play it safe with 2 shooters and a racer. Sony took more risks and LBP3 isn't out yet I think it will be a solid 8. drive club didn't help sonys case and TLOU was a summer game so it doesn't count. All in all MCC deserves a 9-10/10. Anything lower is an issue.

3-4-51535d ago

All those games by themselves are 9/10, so combining them into one package could only logically lead to a 10/10.

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gamertk4211535d ago

Pre-loaded game and patch. Waiting.

OutcastMosquito1535d ago

I'm a PS4 gamer but this collection looks simply outstanding! I'd definitely buy an Xbox one soley for this game.

No_Limit1535d ago

Another amazing review. This is no doubt the best value and most fun game that money can buy.