Why I still use Windows despite the peer pressure

Adam Frucci: There are over a dozen people working at our fair Gizmodo, but as a Windows user, I'm in a definite minority. I still rock XP, and I'm pretty happy with that. Why haven't I switched to Macs? Plenty of reasons, not least of which being that I'm just too smart to switch to a Mac. That's right, I'm too smart for Macs. As Bill Gates's retirement rapidly approaches I figured now is a good time to lay out why I'm loyal to his OS.

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Rikitatsu4401d ago

saying : "Switch to linux!"

Tomdc4401d ago

windows is the best, enuf said.

permutated4400d ago

Windows is trash.

Linux or OSX for the win.

Isaac4401d ago

If only Linux could properly emulate all windows apps AND be too easy for anyone to learn it.

Kakkoii4401d ago

I love my Windows XP. And just because a new OS comes out, is no reason to have to change.

So what if Vista came out. Doesn't mean XP is useless now. It's still as it always is. So you don't HAVE to choose between a Mac or Vista or Linux or whatever!

And with the news about XP being supported for years to come now, that's even more assurance :).

DX F3NIX4401d ago

i'll pick linux over xp or vista anytime.

Domenikos4401d ago

Gizmodo open zone that way---->

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The story is too old to be commented.