Is Ubisoft just being greedy by pulling its games from Steam?

MWEB GameZone writes: "The only reason Ubisoft is willing to pull these game's from Steam is because they are convinced that doing so will make them more money."

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Fizzler1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I honestly don't blame them, they're probably fed up with all the "screw you Ubisoft, I'm just gonna pirate it, you ain't getting my money" people.

@Sillicur Oh, I read the title wrong... for some reason I though it said PC instead of steam.

Sillicur1535d ago

How would taking it off steam help stop pirating?

user55757081534d ago

exactly. steam keeps the prices down and makes the games affordable for most people. now ubisoft's games will sell less. annefrankly i think theyre going to regret their decision

LightofDarkness1534d ago

Misunderstanding the title does little to rectify your comment's backwards notions; your position and understanding of the situation are abundantly clear.

Ubisoft themselves have admitted that the piracy problem was 1) grossly exaggerated and 2) a direct result of their draconian DRM solution in Uplay. While promising PC players 2 years ago that they would renew their faith and investment in PC gaming by reviewing these practices, they have done no such thing and today have affirmed that they will only worsen their hostile attitude towards their PC customers. I will not buy a PC game from Uplay, after all the hassle and ill will it has garnered over the years. They are showing their teeth now as just another money-grubbing EA wannabe. Crappy DRM and online practices? Check. Hostile attitude towards PC players? Check. Undeserved sense of exceptionalism to the point of separatism? Check. Boy, you guys sure are big dawgs now, huh? Just as cool as EA! Let's see how long you can keep it up once everyone realises you keep making the same basic open-world game over and over and over again.

Meltic1534d ago

It doesen't matter which DRM they use for protection. There will Always be someone who can crack the game sooner or later. Just look at splinter cell Chaos. It took 1 y 2 month too download and crack

Volkama1534d ago

Your position is fine, but I hope you don't use it to justify pirating their games?

1534d ago
freshslicepizza1534d ago

steam gets 30% which is quite a large cut, same with anything on apple store. not sure how much sony, microsoft and nintendo get.

as far as protecting from pirates lords of the fallen and the upcoming gta v will have some new drm that hasn't been cracked on fifa 15 or lords of the fallen.

freshslicepizza1534d ago

3 disagrees so i am wrong? can someone correct me thanks

Date_Um_Sage1534d ago

I will admit it now i pirate games that i can not literally buy, through emulation due to none localisation and region locked to stupid moronic idiots getting games banned.

But if it comes down to it i'd buy it if i got the chance, got to make the collection grow somehow and with over 300 steam games, my wallet makes a difference in £.

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Meltic1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

its like '' Hey download our game for free, no steam DRM Protection needed'' Stupid ubisoft....

Volkama1534d ago

Steam wasn't required in the first place, unless you bought it on Steam.

U-Play was and still is required, regardless of where you buy it from.

The_KELRaTH1534d ago

It's all about removing the retailer/etailer from the equation.

Unfortunately though what the PC doesn't need is lots of game frontends and stores and we do need competition to keep prices reasonable.

I find EA's Origin solution a total mess having to user a web browser.

It also won't help promote Steam games machines if the major publishers go out of their way not to support it.

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Sillicur1535d ago

No steam no buy for me. Uplay is horrible

SPAM-FRITTER-1231534d ago

You still have to use Uplay even if it was on Steam so not really a justification is it.

SonZeRo1535d ago

I'm surprised the games were on Steam in the first place considering uPlay has been around for awhile and all Ubisoft games have been linked to it. In the end its their games and they can do with it what they want, they could even distribute them on Floppy disks if they wanted too (not endorsing this).

mhunterjr1535d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I don't understand the line of thinking that a company is greedy for wanting to distribute a game on their own instead of giving a portion of their profit to valve...

I get that people like steam, and WISH all pc titles would be sold through it, but it's extremely unreasonable to EXPECT it.

Isn't Valve also greedy in all of this? There whole during strong armed "volume sales" model is exactly how Wal-Mart operates. They don't win many company of the year awards, despite the low prices.

plmkoh1534d ago

Don't bother explaining logic, if it comes any hint of criticism on Steam, don't expect reasonableness.

Seafort1534d ago

Ubisoft and EA are both as greedy as each other.

You realise that they are charging £50/$85 for all their new games now right? That's just for the standard edition for PC digital download. I think it's even worse in Europe and Australia.

The Ubisoft games were first removed from Steam UK as the steam forums exploded due to the ridiculous pricing in UK/EU.

Now it seems all steam stores have had them removed.

This is just publishers getting too big for their boots and thinking they can charge any price and we'll pay for it. It might work in the console world but it'll never work with PC gamers. We have more options and stores to buy our games much cheaper from and it doesn't involve piracy like most of the console fanboys think.

mhunterjr1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I'm talking about Valve's greed. You act as if UPlay and Steam are the only places to get Ubisoft games.

But answer this question. Why should Valve have more control over the price of a game than the people who actually created the game?

I'm not here to say that Ubisoft isn't greedy, of course they are. Any company wants to maximize the returns on their investment. What I'm saying is that Value is just as greedy, price fixing their way into a consumer sanctioned pseudo-monopoly, to the point where gamers EXPECT, publishers to slash their margins while Valve takes recieved a large portion of the revenues. Meanwhile, the entire process costs Valve nearly nothing.

If I don't want to sell my product in Walmart, because I don't like the way wal-Mart devalues my product, I have every right to choose to sell it directly or through target instead. Sure my volume of sales may decrease, but that's my perogative .

Seafort1534d ago

@mhunterjr I really don't give a shit what price Ubisoft set their games at.

I never buy their games at their recommended price.

Why is Valve greedy? It's Ubisoft that set the ridiculous prices on steam not Valve.

Not sure why you are blaming Valve when you should be blaming the publishers setting the ludicrous prices.

I'm willing to bet that Ubisoft removed the games themselves to get a bigger piece of the pie on their own store. If Valve did put their foot down on the price hikes from these publishers then I congratulate them for standing up for the customer.

I buy all my games for half the price the publishers set so I know with experience that there are many places to shop other than steam, uplay or origin.

You just seem to have a grudge with Steam and Valve when in fact the publishers are the ones taking the piss out of the consumers and not Valve.

bednet1534d ago

@mhunterjr Your Walmart analogy is pretty spot on and you answered you question yourself...Steam is like Walmart, prices are a bit lower and there are tons more people that shop there than anywhere else. If a vendor chooses to not sell their product at Walmart they are essentially not exposing their product to a lot of consumers, lowering their visibility and potential sales.

Case in point, I go on the Steam store almost everyday, just to see what's on sale and such...and everyday I would see ACU or FC4 on the front page, I likely will buy it at some point even if I'm not super interested right now...I never ever go on origin or I have to go out of my way to buy them, on a platform I don't like...odds are I won't play them until they get to steam and by the time they do, I'll have moved on...

mhunterjr1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

You've got me all wrong. I have no grudge against valve or steam or anyone. Business is business. I see things for how they are. 'Greed' is a word you used to describe ubisoft and their quest to make more money from their games. I'm just showing you how valve has the exact same motives.

Valve's model is exactly like walmart's. Their low prices attract a large number of customers. In exchange for access to these customers those who want to sell items in steam/Wal-Mart have to agree to do so with rather low profit margins... for many smaller companies this is a dream come true, because it means access to massive distribution. Especially when you don't have a large marketing budget. But for a larger company, fully capable of distributing your own product, and investing millions into marketing of your product, the idea of paying for distribution becomes less appealing.

You may not realize it, but Valve, like wal-mart, pressures publishers to sell their products at below what would be considered market value. And valve does this, not because they are consumer advocates, but because they love money, and their wide network of suppliers gives them the leverage to forge this competitive advantage... And the profit they make is 100% at the expense of those who make the games.

As Valve grows more powerful in this space, they'll undoubtedly begin to demand a larger percentage of revenues. If you are EA or Ubisoft, why would you want a 3rd party having so much control of your product?


Lowering exposure and total sales is not all bad, especially if you are getting more money per sale, and getting more "quality customers". What I mean by that is: a customer who is generally interested in your product, knows how to get it because of you're marketing and outreach, and choose to come you YOUR STORE, is probably more likely to be willing to pay full price, return on the future. The guy who only got it because it's on sale may not ever even touch it. To be frank, those types of customers are considered by businesses to be more valuable.

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Psychotica1534d ago

Another thing it does is remove the player feedback that each game has in Steam. No forums, no game ratings, no way to know if people are having problems or another words no bad publicity..

Maxor1534d ago

This is the only real impact of the removal. Prior to this, even if you bought the game from Steam you still need to sign into Uplay to play the game.

Psychotica1534d ago

Steam allows you to do other things as well. Like In-Home Streaming which I had planned on using to stream the game from my main PC to my less capable laptop on the opposite side of my home.

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