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"Whatever you think of the games themselves there can be few video game franchises as important as Halo. Without the original game the Xbox would’ve been a flop and Microsoft may well have never even bothered with the Xbox 360. And while you could argue that GoldenEye 007 had already popularised first person shooters on consoles it was Halo 2 that made online deathmatch the defining video game experience of the modern era."

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Septic1533d ago

I really don't get some of these reviews. Are these even by people who understand Halo?

"it’s a bit of a shock to find out that you can’t actually run in any of the games except Halo 4."

I mean come on. What on Earth were you expecting here?

"There’s always been a lot of repetition within the Halo games and this collection only helps to highlight that fact. Multiplayer inevitably feels old-fashioned and slow."

Fair enough this is this chap's opinion but I could pick so many holes with this review. Halo fans will look at reviews like this and realise that the chap simply doesn't get it. Ah well. Each to their own.

XBLSkull1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

"All of the games have seen extensive remodelling to run at a smooth 60 frames per second and at a higher resolution (1080p for everything but Halo 2, which is 1328×1080 – a little below 900p)."

Lol, guy has no idea what he is talking about. And...

"In terms of being a collection and celebration of Halo up to this point this is a flawless package"



Sony fanboys are everywhere man, everywhere. Even reviewing Xbox games.

Add the fractions

H1 97/100
H2 95/100
H3 94/100
H4 87/100

equals 373/100 or 37.3/10, which is well over 10/10. Don't matter too much man, still the GotY and receiving great scores everywhere

Septic1533d ago

Yeah a flawless package containing the most seminal fps games, improved so they run better than they ever did.... 8/10.


Yeah makes a lot of sense.

GarrusVakarian1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

". Don't matter too much man, still the GotY and receiving great scores everywhere"

If it doesn't matter too much, then why are you in literally every single review article that doesn't give the game a 9 and above, trolling and damage controlling? It clearly DOES matter to you. A LOT.

SuperLupe1533d ago

And here comes the obvious Lukas, the official N4G Sony ambassador.

Nobody gives a twat about what you have to say in a Xbox thread.

Volkama1533d ago

Reviews for Halo MCC don't count for much. Everyone knows exactly what it is and whether or not they love it. There are no serious technical problems reported, so there is nothing to learn from the review scores.

Especially not the ones that are below a 10/10 :p

Septic1533d ago


Mate, I don't get why you're on his case. He's obviously disappointed at the low scores but at the same time he says that it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things because the game is still getting great scores (not as high as we wants or he thinks it deserves).

I'm a bit weary of these reviews too. Read this metro one. So many holes to pick apart.

TMCC is one of the greatest gaming packages in years. THe metacritic score doesn't reflect the quality atm, because there are only 15 odd reviews on it so far.

Nitrowolf21533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

"Add the fractions

H1 97/100
H2 95/100
H3 94/100
H4 87/100

equals 373/100 or 37.3/10, which is well over 10/1"

Thats not how Math works lol, you gotta average all those out and add the totals, which sits about a 9.3.


This issue with all these reviews, and a Majority of player sout there, is that it's being reviewed as a whole game. That isn't wrong, but when you got 4 near perfect games in a package and not a perfect score, readers are gonna feel cheated out about the score. Reviews xan be torn apart, heck even the perfect score ones can be chewed up just as badly if you read them, and not just the score.

Point is, if these games were good before,they are good now. No need to get upset over an 8 (which isn't a bad score at all). It's not like it's broken beyond reason or anything, it's the same game you grew up to love

Volkama1533d ago

The math works for me. 37/10 is about right for this collection :)

Ciporta19801533d ago

You mean 373/400 not 100. Which is actually 9.3/10 sorry but you can't just make up your own maths lol.

CernaML1533d ago

"equals 373/100 or 37.3/10, which is well over 10/10"

Ummm... what? If you're going to damage control then at least dont be so silly about it.

TheWatercooler1533d ago

You are going so overboard man. Why don't you just enjoy it. You know what they are all about anyway. Why are review's of this so important to you?

Gamerbeyond1533d ago Show
TheFanboySlayer1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I don't think a remastered game should be allowed to get GOTY but it is definitely a 9/10

Edit: remaster might be the wrong word......idk what to change it to ....remake?

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2cents1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Hey Septic!

I am reading all these reviews with a BIG smile on my face. Luckily, anyone who really cares about Halo has already played all four of these games to death and knows how decent these games really are.

Now we have 1080p and 60fps and updated assets for most and all the multiplayer oddities from each game also present, anyone who really cares about this already knows that there is an improvement on all fronts. The negative aspect of these reviews is that newcomers could be influenced by them, although even an 8 is damn good as a score. But we all know that Halo aint no 8.

I have always said...

Acquiring knowledge does not necessarily make one intelligent.

The points you highlighted demonstrates this concept from this reviewer.

Edit: @XBLSkull wouldn't it be 373/400 = 93.25% or 9.3/10 Dayum... that's an impressive Series Total!!!

Volkama1533d ago

Ah man, I hate run buttons. Seriously, I complain able them all the time when I play a game with a run button. I can't stand them. Clicking the left stick is awkward, and assigning any other button is a waste of a good button.

Moving fast should be the default, moving slow should require a stupid button.

Xb1ps41533d ago

Yup and this is why I don't even bother with metacritic it's just too easy to ruin a game.

This game set the bar very high on what a remaster should be, I mean good god 100 maps! 4 games...remastered... 60fps....

This game owns any current remaster and I'm sure many more to come and no current remaster deserves a higher score, shouldn't even be close.

Unreal011533d ago


Just drop it, if this dude thinks it's an 8/10 it's an 8/10. It's still a good score anyway, so don't worry, your Halo is doing okay.

Septic1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

"Just drop it, if this dude thinks it's an 8/10 it's an 8/10"

Err yeah and which is why I said this:

"Fair enough this is this chap's opinion but I could pick so many holes with this review."

Did you not read that part? Do you want to me stay silent when I think there are glaring problems with his review?

pompombrum1533d ago

Wow those quotes are an absolute embarrassment.

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Lawboy21533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I'm really starting to get pissed off...these reviews aren't reviewing this collection's ridiculous and why wasn't TLOU reviewed so's sitting at a 95 on metacritic for the exact same game that came out a year prior

TLOU ps3 metacritic 95-2013
TLOU ps4 metacritic 95-2014

Halo 2 Xbox metacritic 95-2004
Halo MCC Xbox one 87- 2014

That just blows my mind and pisses me offf

Septic1533d ago

Gotta agree with you there. Unlike others, this is not a lazy remaster but a massive overhaul containing some of the best games in their field. Halo 2 alone stilld estroys many pretenders to the throne. One of the most generous gaming packages of all time....people don't get it. Ah well.

starrman19851533d ago

It's a shame, I agree! Though I am not knocking TLoU at all, but with Halo you have 4 full games, all running at 60/1080 (bar halo 2) 3 of which also have 90+ on metacritic.

At the end of the day I am still going to have an almost endless amounts of fun with it, the reviews aren't going to tarnish my expectations. It just doesn't really deserve under 9 from anyone! This game should definitely average out over 90, if it doesn't then it's a sad time to be a gamer when so many authorised metacritic review sites can't see quality when it's slapped in front of them!

Neixus1533d ago

''It just doesn't really deserve under 9 from anyone!''

What? People have different opinions dude..
Let's say you go to a restaurant, and order a meal, but you actually get four meals. But you don't really like the food, so it doesn't matter how much you can eat.

Thing is, just because it's in quantity doesn't mean it's quality.

I'm by no means a ''hater'' I love Halo, but i'm a hater on the people that can't respect others opinion. Even though he had some weird reasoning in his review.

starrman19851533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I'm aware of that, but game reviews are supposed to be reviewed by people who enjoy that particular type/style of game.

If you went to a restaurant and ordered a pasta dish knowing you didn't like pasta, then gave the establishment a bad review because you didn't like the food - you'd be tarnishing a possibly very good restaurant because you made a silly decision.

When I wrote "It just doesn't really deserve under 9 from anyone!" I did think, of course you're going to get some people reviewing it and giving it lower scores, as you said people have different opinions. What I actually meant is that this game should have a higher average of 9's and 10's, much like TLoU.

I think some of the reviews probably come from a younger generation who perhaps never played Halo to appreciate it, playing it now for the first time (remastered or not) will not have the same effect.

monkeyDzoro1533d ago

TLOU performance wise maxed out the PS3. The game was made for CELL processor. Porting it to PS4 wasn't that easy cause they have to build it pretty much from the ground up. And the improvements were very noticeable. The game was the SAME with MUCH better performances. So the almost perfect scores just carried on.
HaloTMCC is a package with all the Halo content from the 1st Halo. If the game didn't have the perfect scores in the beginning, it won"t have it now. Unless people give it +1 on the original score for the quality of the package.

Don't blame TLOU-R which was a great remaster especially aimed towards those who didn't have the chance to play it on PS3. It has nothing to with it.
And to be EXACTLY fair you would have to take the scores given by EACH websites and compare them. Logically, they should be the same or a bit higher.

Lawboy21533d ago

I'm not blaming TLOU it's probably one of my favorite games doesn't change the fact that some of the knocks halo MCC is taking weren't even considered in the reviews for the last of us and it isn't fair

There is clearly a bias

beans1533d ago

It's bias in my eyes because you're getting a much much better value with MCC versus the TLOU. Tlou great game but so is Halo only with Halo your getting 4 games and 100 remastered maps for years of fun and replay ability. Do you not understand the value of replay ability? SO much value here yet the gaming industry seems set on trying to downplay the Halo franchise.

TheFanboySlayer1533d ago

The MCC should have a higher rating but don't knock down TLOU. Both are great games yes they both deserve great scores but I don't think bias has anything to with it. I think some reviewers just knocked down MCC because it is an older game. Since in the past not many games had sprint and today most games do, they knocked it down for that. Do I agree with them criticizing because of that nope because it is a remake....they can't change the game. But since the last of us was newer and had things such as a sprint mechanic and more modern day features that are to be expected, the game did not get as many knocks. It's not bias. It's the reviewers fault.

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Xb1ps41533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

And that is why I don't go to metacritic.. I wouldn't be surprised if many of those reviewers are no longer around and wouldn't be surprised if many of these reviewers don't review another game..

I realize I can be wrong about that, like I said I don't use meta at all..


Bs... Pure bs.. Lol a remaster of a game that was out a few months... Oh oh oh but the cell! Yea tlou was a great remaster, but mcc not so much /s... I bustee tlou should be the standard of remaster over mcc...

objdadon1533d ago

Lol! Come on man, you know the last of us is da business!!!!

kneon1533d ago

It's simple, a score of 95 from 2004 isn't the same as a 95 today. The bar has been raised many times since 2004 for all aspects of video games. So what may have been considered great 10 years ago is only ok now.

ger23961533d ago

That's just it, no game deserves a perfect score.not even the lsst of us. A perfect score means it's flawless. l haven't played a single game that I didn't find something wrong with it.

kneon1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

It depends on your scoring methodology. If I were reviewing games then none would ever get a perfect score. My scores would be lower than what is typical because I would start with perfect and start deducting points for any issues found, and every game has issues.

jcnba281533d ago

I agree, makes no sense.

DonFreezer1533d ago

Best comment of the year.Bubbles for you sir!

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Eonjay1533d ago

Guys, an 8/10 isn't bad.

MasterCornholio1533d ago

It isn't a bad score. It might not be the perfect 10 that you are looking for but an 8/10 is still a really good score. The metacritic is hovering at 87 so its not like its way below the average or anything.

Eonjay1533d ago

No its not. Remember, reviews are just opinions and an 80 is a positive opinion.

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LAWSON721533d ago

Give a game an 8/10 before MP even works lol

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