Halo: The Master Chief Collection Review (ThisisXbox)

ThisisXbox: "Halo: The Master Chief Collection is quite possibly the largest ‘Master’ collection of gaming history in one very large bundle. With all the campaigns of four great Halo games and every bit of multiplayer maps and the downloadable content is no denying a great deal and a great piece of gaming history re-touched and improved to freshen gameplay and bring Halo on to the Xbox One. It’s very hard to find fault with such a piece of excellence as this, everything is created to ensure you have an easy transition between games with encouragement for cross-game play action. A whole ton of maps and of course, a completely re-made Halo 2, where everything else on disc is more of a bonus to accompany it."

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XBLSkull1536d ago

Perfect scores popping up everywhere, I called that way back when it was announced at e3 lol... GotY right here.

Only 4 days to go, I got some major Halo fever right now.

Septic1536d ago

Well its also receiving some 8's which, funnily enough are coming from smaller less known publications. I expected this to get a lot more perfect scores because, as a package, this is simply unmatched. If any game deserves a perfect score, its this.

Masterchief_thegoat1536d ago

well said septic and xblskull.. tmcc is worth the money

DonFreezer1536d ago Show
Ultra1536d ago

Looks like haters are mad for it getting a perfect score ;) A simple proof that they really wanted it to be 7 or less

Septic1536d ago

I don't believe in the conspiracy about Sony paid sites.

Its just bad reviewing imo.

CernaML1536d ago Show
MeliMel1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )


The Last of Us scored 10s last gen.. The Last of Us Remastered was gonna score 10s again...i mean it still looks better than alot next gen games and still the same great game.

And thats not to take anything away from Halo MCC which is one of my favorite games of all time and Halo and Dead Or Alive were the games that got me on Xbox brand.

shloobmm31536d ago


The last of US does look pretty good for a last gen game, but the best looking game on last gen consoles was Halo 4. Nothing compared to it. The lighting alone put it in a whole other level. Based on the game sin the package and all the content you get. You have 4 Triple A games in one package. Should be 10's across the board.

HateFueled1536d ago

The Last Of Us scored a perfect ten because, to many, it is a better game than any stand alone Halo. But this is one hell of a collection, and XB gamers deserve it. No denying Halo is one of the greatest, most loved series in gaming history. It's sad that it is exclusive to the MS dickheads console though. E3 2013 ruined my respect for MS :/ But those of you who bought a XB1, enjoy this great collection :)

its_JEFF1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

@DonFreezer has been on a rampage trying to convince everyone the aSony payed site... it's the only way his mind can cope with anything less than a 10 for Halo:MCC. It's facinatinng watching someone so close to a mental breakdown over a video game review.

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SniperControl1536d ago

Only briefly played Halo 4 (360 RRoD) so looking forward to this, just gotta finish COD first.

slappy5081536d ago

Yeah only 4 more sleeps, greatness awaits!!

Perjoss1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

It probably will not get game of the year as its not really a game but a compilation of multiple games. Lets just say there was an amazing new IP in 2015, but Gears of War collection and Uncharted collection were both released also, not really fair for GOTY awards to go to games that have already had their shot at the award.

Having said that I do think there should be a category for best remaster / HD edition of the year awarded to the games where developers have really put in the extra effort to please fans of the original games. Halo 2 seems like a great candidate for this considering all the effort that was put into the new cutscenes alone.

Neonridr1536d ago

then TLOU (remastered) has no shot either this year.. give it to Smash Brothers then.

HateFueled1536d ago

No TLOU Rem should not have any chanse for another GOTY award. That would just be silly! Same goes for GTA. To me, no game has really stood out, except for Alien Isolation. But we all know that it has no chanse for the award.

Perjoss1536d ago


That's exactly what I said, remasters should have their own category but not be considered for a 2nd chance at overall GOTY.

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chrissx1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago ) giving a xbox exclusive game 100/100 wow I'm so shocked !

SniperControl1536d ago

I own both consoles, so i see both sides, but the xbox fanboys always jump on pro Sony websites when they give games high scores.

Septic1536d ago

"but the xbox fanboys always jump on pro Sony websites when they give games high scores."

And over here you ahve someone jumping on the xbox-centric site. What's your point exactly?

SniperControl1536d ago


No point exactly, just telling it as i see it.

Pogmathoin1536d ago

So Sniper you could have ended the sentence like ' as much as Sony fanboys do on Pro xbox sites... ' Then people would see you are telling it as it is.... simple.

2cents1536d ago

So have many others! Reminds me of the time PSNation gave Driveclub a 9.

Happens all the time.

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Unreal011536d ago

100/100 - Thisisxbox.

Certainly didn't see that one coming. At all.

GodGinrai1536d ago

hmmm...did you see the perfect scores from non-xbox sites coming, too?

HeMan761536d ago

The 4th perfect score.Well done 343i well done!!!


totally agree!!

jasona19801536d ago

I imagine everyone will be playing with the Bungie Staff Flaming Head in Halo 3 though since it's available!!! It is a great collection worthy of a 10/10, and although I operate Xbox Exclusive games are not favoured more than other. This collection is currently unmatched in terms of what you get and what you can do - it's more than just a quick re-skin of Halo 2. Everything is finer polished, every single one of the 99 maps you get for multiplayer is such a smooth, fluid joy to behold :) If it was crap I'd have said it was crap...

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