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If you’re new to the series and curious, this is the way to play Halo. With over 45 campaign missions, more than 100 multiplayer maps, access to the Ridley Scott-produced Nightfall series, and the Spartan Ops challenge missions set to drop next month, this is a comprehensive Halo offering that more than justifies the price of admission

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XBLSkull1533d ago

Someone had to give the shockingly bad score lol, guess this was the guy. Funny part is that is as low as you can go even when you want to give the trolling score. All the 10/10 and 95/100 will quickly balance this turd review out though haha.

Omran1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

See the site's review of halo 4 then talk about it lol

so what's is your point ?

HeMan761533d ago

Everybody has their opinions but those games identified with the last two gaming gens and this package offers you all of them in one as technically improved so getting this score is unfair but like I said I have respect for everybody's opinion.

ger23961533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

An 8 is a bad score? C'mon, as much as people love halo it's not flawless. Besides, is this review score going to keep you from enjoying the games?

GarrusVakarian1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Ummm, what? Have I woken up on a different planet or something? Since when is an 8 a "shockingly bad" score? That's a great score! Your damage controlling doesn't even make sense here because it's not as if he's given it a 5 or a 6.

Edit: Oh man, I just took a look at your comment history. You troll and downplay every reviewer that doesn't give the game a 9 or over. Are you being paid to do this?

TheFanboySlayer1533d ago


I know it sucks but in this day and age scores go like this

10- must play
9-will buy
8-maybe I'll buy
7- rent maybe
6- nope
5- broken game that sucks

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2cents1533d ago

"an unhealthy smattering of technical concerns".

Harsh words me thinks. Its the first I've heard of this. Still, each to their own. I hope this guy doesn't start getting stupid attacks from rabid fanboys. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Even if it goes against the grain.

This game could review 1/10 by every single publication and I would still buy it.

da da da duuum!!!
da da da duuum!!!

3 Days!!!!

submarinna1533d ago

Old games(of which I have beaten all) with better graphics... I'll pass

Stiffler1533d ago

Looks great imo. Sorry to hear it's not your cup of tea

G20WLY1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I agree, Sub. When you go back that far, for all the work they've done here, you can't expect it to play fresh and not to feel a bit dated, just because of the advancements in the genre (and the series) since that time.

It's a bit like Uncharted 1 - LOVED it at the time, but it feels a little dated now, having played the sequels. The same is true of Halo and for me it's not a good idea to taint the memories with another play through.

I could be tempted to pick it up cheap (or when it's free with Gold) just for Halo 4 though, as I still haven't played that yet. :)

akurtz1533d ago

What an interesting score

user38319101533d ago

Not the only site giving it 8/10

DonFreezer1533d ago

Sony has handed the paychecks as it seems. The Last Of Us Remake was groundbreaking to all those reviewers and this has technical downsides and last gen graphics(even if it's 10 years old games). The hypocrisy is strong.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Someone must of handed you a paycheck for making dumb comments.

On another note, just enjoy the game. The Last of Us and Halo are two very different games aside from them both having shooting elements and a kick ass story

josephayal1533d ago

nice review, halo is my fav shooter

Father__Merrin1533d ago

most have played these games already, the standout title for me would be halo 4 as ive not played it and halo 2 remake

HeMan761533d ago

Most people played TLOU on PS3 but people still bought it for PS4.Just saying and this is an unmatched gaming package ever.

Kribwalker1533d ago

And it came out only 1 year later then the original. Preloading this one this weekend, my backlog keeps growing, No time to finish SSO or even diablo for that matter with COD and this, at least I will try to get the wife to get me AC:unity for Christmas to give my wallet a break right now, that and FH2 I'm still waiting to buy

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