MiddleEasy: Halo: The Master Chief Collection is borderline Criterion

MiddleEasy played the Halo 2 remaster and a guided multiplayer session. This is our review in progress

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alb18991535d ago

Seriously, what does it take to have a 10 from this unknown pages?

turdburgler10801535d ago

They get site traffic when they give it anything below a 9.

u got owned1535d ago

8.9 or 9.0 what's the difference? it's just 0.1 points

alb18991535d ago

i will buy Halo just for the good is Halo.

Drasill1535d ago

It says it is a review in progress and the score will fluctuate.... why not just wait until the review is complete to give it a score? This seems like a classic case of clickbait.

MasterD9191534d ago

Or you can just combine all of the previous Halo review scores for all 4 games and its way higher than a 10.

Every gamer needs to have this in their collection. I can't wait for Tuesday >_<