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For so many of us, the Halo series played a pivotal role in our development as gamers. Perhaps your freshman year of college was defined by talking trash in the midst of massive Halo 2 system-link parties. If you're a child of the early nineties, your group of friends likely had to make the difficult decision between a game of backyard football or a 4 v. 4 sniper match. Countless gamers lined up at midnight for the latest Halo game, bought Xbox 360s at launch in anticipation of Halo 3, and tried to fit that ridiculous Master Chief helmet on their giant heads. Yes, at its core, Halo is a phenomenally-designed first-person shooter franchise, but to the gaming community it's so much more than that. This is a series that defines our hobby. It brought people together in a world where we're so often growing apart. For these reasons, and oh so many more, Halo: The Master Chief Collection simply feels like a dream come true.

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ValKilmer1531d ago

Wow. Is this the perfect game?

cl19831531d ago

Well depending on previous reviews on the site (I have no idea of what there scores given previously are from the first releases of the games) being that all that was really done was a graphic upgrade I don't see it as being to far fetched.

XBLSkull1531d ago

When you take 4 of the greatest FPS ever released, throw them all together with impressive remastering, and throw in a beta and miniseries, yes ValKilmer, this is indeed the perfect game. Move over Zelda, metacritic is about to have a new champion.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

@XBLSkull, it can't even reach the 90s and your talking about taking over Zelda, Good luck! lol

Septic1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )


No way! Zelda: Ocarina of Time is masterpiece that shall never be dethroned!


Its only had 15 critics so far though. But yeah, it wont beat Zelda nor does it deserve to imo

MillennialBuddha1531d ago

No, that honor goes to the ultimate system seller: Ryse: Son of Rome

starchild1531d ago

Eh I detect heavy sarcasm. Ryse is still a pretty decent game, in my opinion. Much better than I expected based on some of the comments about it.

SockeyBoy1531d ago

Oh not long now :D :D :D

jrshankill1531d ago

The reviews have been all outstanding.

otherZinc1531d ago

Yes, yes it is!

Added to the story
New terminals
New videos
Halo Nightfall
Halo Channel
100 mp maps
6 incredibly Remastered
Campaign Co-op 2-4 players
Halo 5 Beta 12/27 2014
4,000 Achievements
Campaign Scoring
View cut scenes in order day 1
Online play will work day 1
And more

For $60; "C'Mon Man"!
So yes, it's a "Perfect Game".
That is if you aren't lying to yourself. There's something in this package for everyone.

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Rhythmattic1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Actually, expected is based on the score/gameplay of the original title .... What's good , and the reason for the score is content....

Gameplay (tick) Sp (tick) Mp (tick) CONTENT (TICK).

Personally , I've also found halo's lore interesting, just never was engaged by it, so only ever played 1 (mac) , 3 & ODST (yuk)

but, no one can deny its a great package...... Maybe I'm trolling, but I just might grab a xbone for this.... Oh, and ssod.... Unfortunately working freelance, depends when I get the cheque...

Good stuff.

memots1531d ago


This collections makes it very for me to not pick on up now.
Awaiting for Halo5 , My back log is too big .. Damn it

mhunterjr1531d ago

Give it too me! Gungoose CTF looks like a riot... A running riot, if you will...

Revolt131531d ago

Ha! I see what you did there

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