Is Blizzard Announcing Warcraft 4 At BlizzCon This Weekend?

It has been more than a decade since we last saw a full-fledged Warcraft title dabble in the real-time strategy genre. Twelve years, to be exact, as Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos was released in July of 2002. With BlizzCon on the agenda for this weekend, there are some signs that may point to Warcraft IV getting announced for the very near future.

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pompombrum1533d ago

I promise you they will.. right after Gabe walks on stage and announces Half Life 3!

Jokes aside, in a lot of ways it would make sense. If they could somehow link it with WoW so that your character feels like s/he is actually taking part in the warcraft 4 story, it could be something really special.

3-4-51533d ago

OMG, please...I've been wanting this game for 10+ years now.

* Imagine all the WoW stuff they can include now.

The Lore that has developed since WC3 is amazing and plentiful.

Haven't played WoW in years, and not really into SC2 or Diablo3, but I'd definitely play the heck out of this game if it's ever released.

Robochobo1533d ago

Magic Ball states:

"Don't count on it."

Garethvk1533d ago

They are scrambling and have severely limited press going to the show.

agentxk1533d ago

If it did come out, would it even be any good, based on Blizz's last releases?

Volkama1533d ago

Yes. Based on Blizzard's recent recent releases (Starcraft 2, Diablo 3) it would be a very polished re-hash of the last Warcraft. Which was very good.

But they'd have to undo a lot of the damage WoW has done. Can't be having all the factions and races having the exact same styles and abilities and for a start.

Baka-akaB1533d ago

with the whole time travel directions they took in WoW ... The RTS could be hopefully left alone in it's own continuity and timeline .

That way Illidan , Arthas/Lich King , Neltharion , and all the other could get a better plotline resolution and amount to more than raid fodder

kreate1533d ago

It will probably disappoint. But i have hope.

Eventually i got use to starcraft 2 and play it regularly. Diablo 3 was not what i expected. And warcraft 4 ....

AD7051533d ago

Even if they do make a warcraft 4 what can they really do story wise? Just retell what happened in WOW but in RTS form?

Roccetarius1533d ago

If they do decide to release a Warcraft 4, then i hope they don't hollywoodify it like Starcraft 2. The gameplay is great and all, but story wise it has dropped in quality.

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Genki1533d ago

That better not get announced before Starcraft.

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The story is too old to be commented.